My Girlfriend, Terri’s Garden

I’ve been friends with Terri for over 20yrs. She has always referred to me as her city girlfriend and I called her my country girlfriend. Over the years, I have watched her work a farm, raise chickens, pigs, cows, goats and build a kick ass garden. I suppose that over the years, reading aloud from books such as “Goat Husbandry” over martini’s and actually reading some of the books Terri sent me, something must have rubbed off.


I’m up visiting with @LeadershipJoe (WP Classmate) & Terri and doing the Mini-Mussel Triathlon on Saturday and have been checking out her handiwork at their new crib, this KICKASS Victorian and her garden & stuff. Just amazing.


         terrigarden2  terrigarden

                chicken tomatoes

And to add insult to injury…she’s growing GRAPES!!! and CORN. GTFOOH. I thought I was doing something. At least my cucumbers are bigger than hers and I CANNED SOME OF MY STUFF. *sticking tongue out* HUMPH!

               corn  grapes

               peppers  broccoli

Boy do I have ideas for next years garden…and perhaps Princess Cara will set up a little stand. GREEN ACRES IS WHERE I WANT TO BE….