And the Winner is…


NOT ME. The GirlzNGear Average Superstar Contest Winner was announced and well…moving on.


I’m not sure how they did that new math, but if you were supposed to combine two different voting mechanisms, I would have taken the straight percentages from each divided and arrived at the overall winner.


Winner had 33% votes on FB, 50% of votes on website. That would come to an overall 41.5% of the vote.


Me – I had 56% of vote on FB, 39% of vote on website for an overall 47.5% of the vote.


Well, new math is in these days and there must have been another method of calculating and there you have it. ALAS.


Nevertheless, I had to thank all of you for your voting, voting and voting again and again. Thank you for the notes, the support and encouragement…my favorite being “Sweetie, you are far from average at anything, but you got my vote everytime.” I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you!


Back to my regularly scheduled training…