No Mandate? Tough Tooties–Suck it up & Die


The Mandate. Let’s say, for argument sake, that the federal mandate that everybody purchase health care or pay a penalty for not doing so is, in fact, unconstitutional. So, we scrap it and also probably throw the baby (healthcare reform in its entirety) out with the bath water.


Who cares that there has been no real stab at reform since and probably won’t be anything done about it but more bitching, whining & fear mongering for years after we get rid of it. Why should our elected officials give a rats ass whether the rest of us minions go bankrupt just trying to get healthcare coverage or pay for the care we get when they have the best care on the planet paid for by the minions.


Just Suck it up and Die, won’t you please.


Never mind the fact that in order to buy a car, register it and get tags you are REQUIRED – MANDATED (granted by the States) to have insurance. True, you can opt out by not even purchasing a car. You don’t really HAVE to buy it – walk or public transp, right. However, let say you get your car, cancel your insurance cause you can’t afford it or didn’t want to buy it in the first place and then you have an accident, totaling the car. Can that person still tow their busted car (sick body) to the repair shop (hospital) and expect it to get repaired (treatment) for free? HELL NO! Tough Tooties – Suck it up sucker – you’re out a car and probably still have to pay the bank for that car.


Never mind the fact that in order to buy a house – get a mortgage – you are REQUIRED – MANDATED  to have home owners insurance. True, again, you can opt out by not buying a house. Rent. Let’s say you do rent, but you opt out of not getting renters insurance (your not required to do so) even though you have some nice stuff. What if you get robbed or worse – your rental burns to the ground with all your stuff inside. Can you walk into a clothing store/furniture store with a jar of your ashes and expect to get your stuff replaced for free? HELL NO! Tough Tooties – Suck it up fool – you S.O.L., sitting on a milk crate wearing hand me downs aren’t you.


Not so with healthcare. When did healthcare, treatment become a right and if you can’t or won’t pay for it then well, you have the right to get at least basic care for free (while the rest of us pay for that freebie with higher premiums, lifetime maximums, pre-existing condition exclusions, etc)??? You may not get advanced care, but if you sit in that emergency room long enough you WILL get care.


I say, HUMPH. You want the liberty and freedom to not be told you have to pay for healthcare? FINE. You want to decide if you should have healthcare coverage – you want the option of saying no thank you, I got this. FINE. Suffer the consequences of that decision then. I don’t want to pay or suffer for it. You don’t have any coverage, you get sick, in an accident or just run your body into the ground cause, shit, you want to eat, drink, smoke, drug yourself into the walking dead…then Tough Tooties – Suck it up or Just Die.


…and those of you that simply can’t afford it because you are on minimum wage, work part time or your employer doesn’t provide it – so sorry. Tough Tooties – Suck it up, pay out of pocket for what you can and for what you can’t – just die then. Or petition Congress for some of the money you send in to pay for their Cadillac Health Coverage. That should work.


Harsh? Unfair? Lacks Empathy? *Shrugs* Yep. While everyone is screaming from the rafters about the constitutionality of “Obamacare”, how tyrannical, costly & disasterous it is/would be, nobody (particularly the GOP candidates) – NOT NEAR ONE – is screaming about how tyrannical, costly and just downright WRONG the current system is OR even has a suggestion at an alternative. Honey Badgers - Who gives a damn. They certainly don’t.


We have the right to life, liberty & happiness…not healthcare. Unless, of course, I missed something. If you want a RIGHT to it, please explain to me you plan for paying for it. If “ObamaCare” in its entirety is the harbinger of the angel of death, then what do you think is the solution to our current broke down, on a respirator healthcare system?


Or are you like the Honey Badger – you just don’t give a fugg (as long as we get rid of this plan)