UPDATE!!! - GirlzNGear Average Superstar Athlete Contest


I'm not sure what is going on, but the online poll at www.girlzngear.com "appears" like you can vote multiple times and I'm getting smoked. PLEASE VOTE like 10x per day until Thursday. Also...if you have a Facebook account, there is an online voting poll there at https://apps.facebook.com/opinionpolls/poll?pid=AB987Ygypo0 . Log into FB, click link and vote for LISA. 

Hopefully, between the website vote and the FB vote, I can take this puppy home.

Thanks for all of your help & support!

I was selected as a finalist in the Girlz N Gear(...inspiring the athlete within) Average Superstar Contest. They realized that the majority of women running are NOT superstar athletes with super skinny body types. They are just average women, moms, wives, grandmas, etc, with exceptional goals to accomplish and they will sponsor one Average Superstar in the race of her choice.

Here is the story I submitted for the contest (a shorter version is on the site):
Dear Girlz N Gear,
Once upon a time (like 30 years ago), in a land far, far away I started running because, well, I had no choice. Run & run fast enough to pass the Cadet Physical Fitness Test or don’t graduate. Not graduating from the Academy simply was not an option, considering I got engaged to my classmate and, according to my mother, somebody was getting married after graduation whether it was you or not. I had to get my workout game on, so I ran.
I was running. I ran throughout my Army years; however, the minute I produced the first heir to the empire and we left the service, I hung up my running shoes. I worked out, of course. I had to keep in shape. I taught kickboxing and did other gym activities, but that was about it.
Then life started to get interesting. My home became a halfway house & retirement community. Three kids, a niece, my mother, my sister & her husband all living under one big A roof. My nerves were getting bad and self-medicating became a viable option. I picked up my running shoes and started to get high on endorphins, clearing my mind and solving the worlds’ problems (although I couldn’t seem to remember the solutions afterwards). It is awesome. Then I started entering races and soon one of my friends suckered me into doing a triathlon. I was hooked.
IMG_3476…and somewhere in the midst of all of the training & races, I noticed that my friends started making random comments: “Are you always color coordinated?”, “Do you always wear lipstick during a race?”, “You sure are sparkly!”. Well, that was the OD (Original Diva) in me and my mantra’s were born – “I may be slow, I may come in last, but I will look GOOD while doing it.” and “It takes just as much time to put on red lipstick/gloss as it does to put on chap stick. Why not!?”
As a 46 year old mother of three trying to keep her sanity by self-medicating with running, swimming & biking (as well as the glass of wine or 2 or 3…) and looking absolutely fabulous while doing it all, it would be the ultimate (honor & just plain hoot) to tell the world that this slow, plump, middle aged momma has a SPONSOR for her endeavors. Girls NEED Gear! – and Girlz N Gear is just the kind of sponsor this sparkly runner & triathlete would love to represent.