Sick & Shut In Randoms


Apparently I caught some cooties from somewhere that decided to take up residence in my throat & lungs on Wednesday and it progressively got worse till I came home from a business dinner on Thursday night with no voice & collapsed in a heap across the bed.


I so appreciate the FireMarshall running out to the store at 10pm to get me some meds.


I don’t appreciate that he felt the need to take his time while he picked himself up some ice cream and various other snacks too.


Cough. Hack.


That one dose Zi.th.ro.max is the BUSINESS!!! Only problem…you can’t leave the house or go to far from the bathroom. 2grams of A.zyth.ro.mycin with clear your intestines out of EVERYTHING.




Being ordered to take a day off from (to quote my friend) running, swimming, kicking & fighting everything, everywhere was AWESOME! I tried to go from the beginning of the internet to the end, but stuck with my goo.gle reader instead.



I so wanted to just unfriend some people today…so entrenched in their rhetoric, bullshyt & soundbites that they are almost rabid, but if I did that, then that would be one less voice that challenges the crazy instead of co-signs it.


SIGH. Some people just make my head want to explode. Just..Just Stop.


I bought a dress to wear to an event this month…damn thing fit perfectly – EXCEPT…when I tried to get both girls inside it.


Seriously. Wall slide of depression and self loathing.


Then…I had to take my measurements for Coach Torture Lionheart and while I only lost 2 1/2 lbs, I did talk off a total of 4” all around, (1/2+” from calves, hips, waist, arms).


I’ll take it…and I’ll take that damn gown back too! HUMPH.


I didn’t get into the Warrior Dash this year…all the times were sold out for Saturday. Guess I’ll go ahead and register for the Philly Tri (Olympic or Sprint…that is the question).




I want a runDisney medal…BAD. That’s some awesome race bling. Jan 2013…right MsPattey?


I love Pan.era Breads Tomato Soup. Delish!


I’m going to see Diana Ross and then run a half marathon next month. Gonna go see The Boss then BE the boss all in one weekend. Mad Excited about it.


What shall I “Cook with Love” tomorrow night for our friend & classmate? Hmmmm…


The cocktails are always the easy part.


My SwimP3 headphones (ones you can wear in the water) are EVERY.SINGLE.DAMN. THING. PERIOD. Nothing like swimming a mile to Adele & Tina Turner.


My meds are kicking in…sleepy time.


Anything happen random or made you go…hmmmm, lately?