Everything Ain’t For Everybody


I haven’t had much to write about this week. I’ve been focused on WINNING the GirlznGear contest and Judy seems to be rallying the troops for the closest race ever to the finish. You would think this was for some multi-million dollar contract the way I’ve been stalking recruiting people for the vote.


It is gonna be tight.


I signed up for a Groupon for CrossFit. HUMPH. After just 2 Basic classes where you do a short workout and the trainer teaches you some of the moves, I have decided that CrossFit just ain’t my cup of tea. I have absolutely NO interest in ever trying to jerk, clean, snatch a gazzillion pounds over my head or the bear crawl, climb rope or any of that stuff. NONE. NADA. And if you thought Triathletes have a lot of “shit” we say, we got nothing on the CrossFit people. Cult like if you ask me…but the same could be said about the sport of Triathlon’s.


I tried it. I gave it some of my UMPH and well…NO. I’ll be saving my UMPH for the Triumph for Swim, Bike, Run (…and jump, kick, box something as one of my friends is always saying to me- “Did you jump, kick, swim today?”)


Everything ain’t for Everybody…and CrossFit just ain’t for me.


I have been a swimming fool this week. 2100 yards with Becca on Tuesday and 1850 this afternoon. Some long sets in there. Let me tell you again – I LOVE MY SWIMp3 player. LOVE.

            swimp3  swimp3a

The music is just the ticket to keep your mind occupied on ANYTHING other than swimming forever – back & forth – FOREVER and EVER. It gets lots of stares from people in other lanes. WHATEVER! Go get you your own. HUMP.


Recently, I have been the recipient a lot of “Wow, I could never do that.”, “I’m just too busy, I don’t have the time.” or some variation of how crazy I am and that they would NEVER do ‘that’.


BullshitExcusesMy response – “If you think you can’t, then your right – you can’t.” or “Busy people find the time to do the things they want to do/are important to them.” As for the crazy…Yep, I am. I resemble that remark. Towards what they would never do…Good, you’re in my age group. One less person I have to compete with.


Shrug. Everything Ain’t for Everybody…and excuses are like belly buttons – everybody has one.