Wardrobe Malfunction–Swimsuit Edition

Yesterday was another comedy of errors training day.


I was SUPPOSED to do 4x750 working on form and scheduled myself to meet Becca at Wilson’s Aquatic Center to get it in followed by a Bikram Yoga Session – gotta stretch it out.


When I packed my suit (a tri-like top with a swim skirt – yeah, I use what I got at hand) I noticed that the skirt looked like it was about on its last legs, but I figured I could get one or two more workouts in it before scraping it and breaking down to buy a new suit or at least new bottoms.




I got the Wilson’s got my suit on and immediately felt something was amiss. The skirt which normally sits just above mid thigh was damn near at my knees. DA HELL. I just hightched (not a word, but you know what I mean) it up and went to get in the pool.


About 150m into the swim, I was like HOLD UP…where da hell is my skirt going? I was feeling a little too much water and cold in the nether regions. My skirt was falling off. It was so loose that the simple motion of moving forward was causing the skirt to float off. OMG! I stopped at the wall to take stock of the situation and, well, the elastic (ALL OF IT – from the seams to all the material) just gave up the ghost. I tried to tie knots in the waist in an attempt to keep my bottom covered and finish the workout.




I did another 200 and kept having to stop to pull on the skirt, tighten the knots. I got tired of all that and did 300 with a pull buoy just to keep that damn thing from sliding off into the deep. SIGH. I gave up with all this after only one set of about 800 – which was taking FOREVER with all the wardrobe adjustments.


I took the suit off, got dressed for Bikram and took a good look at the skirt…

swimskirt swimskirt2

All those white dots…that is the elastic/stretchy stuff in the skirt…it just disintegrated into nothing. Exploded, failed, quit. So bad that you could freakin’ see through the material.


Poor skirt. So stretched out that it is now a dress. Well, it is now in the trash…gone on to triathlon training bathing suit heaven – where all bathing suits that have been chlorinated & washed to death go to rest.


I did make it to Bikram Yoga –which always presents a challenge- MUST STRETCH MORE!!


And to top it all off…I got a parking ticket. SIGH.


Have you ever had your bathing suit just give up the ghost and quit on you?