Compress It, Compress it Good!


If it can be compressed, compress it. Good advice from the ranks of shit runners & triathletes say. I’ve been coveting compression gear for a long time – LONG TIME. The stuff is expensive and I have never seen any of it on sale.


My BFF, MsPattey and I talk about compression socks, pants & sleeves with the hushed tones and stifled giggles of glee for something highly revered. We kept each other posted about possible sale sightings, articles and little known facts regarding compression.


Then my girl had to have some surgery on her legs and was prescribed compression hose from the doctor. She wore the hose to the gym for a short stint on the treadmill and was absolutely convinced that we HAD to get on the compression tip…but hey, while we get out nickels together, the compression hose from the doctors would/should do.


Mkay…I got some compression hosiery from when I had surgery. How about I put it on under my running tights and WHA LA! Compression.


NOT SO MUCH. I pulled them out before a track run a few weeks back and it was a continuous comedy of errors. I got them on after about 20 min of pulling, tugging, jumping on these things. I fell onto the couch  in a heap of sweat with the FireMarshall looking at me as if I had lost my mind with a nonchalant quip “Are you supposed to sweat like that while putting on hose?” Sometimes…


I stood up and the circulation at my knees was being cut off. I couldn’t even bend my knees to walk let alone run across the room. Falling back down on the couch, I solicit the help of the FM to peel these things off my body.


Surgical Compression Hose is just that…for surgery. NOT fitness.


Sometimes being cheap is just that. CHEAP…and dumb.


However, a few days later, God showed mercy on my foolishness and a Swaggle Deal for compression socks/sleeves came out. BOOYA!!! Gonna get me some.


And they came last night. I put them on and just walked around the house and did just house stuff for the evening. I’M IN LOVE! My lower legs felt SO good. I have got to get me some compression shorts and tri suit. HAVE TO!


If it can be compressed – COMPRESS IT!


Any of you guys have compression gear? What do you think?