Ghosts of West Point

Chip Armstrong

Chip Armstrong grew up in Washington, DC. His mother, a DC public school librarian, introduced him to books at the earliest age, and he never looked back on his love affair with them. Growing up with no brothers, his saxophone, sports, his books kept him occupied. Edgar Allen Poe was his favorite writer.

From the time he was born he had a passion about the Army. He grew up with toy rifles and helmets, GI Joes, and the "Ballad of the Green Berets". The Viet Nam War intensified his interest in serving and leading soldiers. This led him to pursue becoming a commissioned officer by first attending St. John's College High School in Washington, DC, which at the time, was the Nation's second largest JROTC program. Ultimately, he entered and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned a second lieutenant. He served in staff and command positions around the globe until he resigned after eleven years of commissioned service as a major to pursue a corporate career.

After four years in engineering and manufacturing with DuPont, he spent the next eleven years as a financial advisor with top Wall Street firms, earning vice president positions. It was during the next two years as a senior manager at Under Armour in Baltimore that he decided that the passion to write had to take precedence.

Now he writes.

Chip Armstrong is a family friend and alumni and we have had a great time listening to his stories over the years and being included in his research and other aspects of his books. Please take a moment and check out his website. I know you will enjoy his stories.

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  1. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for posting! On www.chiparmstrong.com, I've included excerpts from my first two novels, essays on how to write, links apropos to my stories, and "Strong's Corner" which will be an interactive entertainment community.

    I hope your readers take a moment to join!

    Beat Navy!