I never thought that my letter to my sister would stir up so much controversy. WHEW! It has been the discussion of my friends (who came in town to celebrate Jordan's 16th Birthday) AND family...my mother definitely has strong feelings on the subject of my sister...VERY understandable considering she has had to deal with the angst, guilt, heartache of having Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as daughters. God Bless her strength. I look at her sometimes and don't understand how she keeps standing when weight of it all is just sometimes too much for anyone to bear. I know where I get it from. So, when she occasionally has a Foamy Rant - ya gotta let her have it - I think she's entitled.

Anyway, it was a blast on Saturday night, sitting around the kitchen island while my girl/classmate Ila (who is "anointed" with the gift of apple martini's) practices mixology and we argued the merits of sending the letter or not, reminisced over family drama that is funny years later, tellin lies mixed with some truth AND........

....discussing my impending Metamorphosis tomorrow...

"A change in appearance, physical form or substance, a striking alteration in appearance of character, changes in form and life function...
... an all together makeover, rejuvenation or artistic enhancement; to help make you look the way you fell inside - helping to give you the facial or body features you desire."
The Diva's metamorphosis begins tomorrow at 8:30am.
Enhancing beauty through Finance.
HA! - how's that for controversial.


  1. I know you may not get this right away...but I'm wishing you all the goodness that you can stand at this point. Good luck...and I hope its everything you hoped for and more!

  2. Where the heck was I???