It Costs Me Less

It always costs me less money when my sister is out of jail than when she is in. Unfortunately, she is back...more than likely she violated her parole (couldn't pay the fine) and now she had to go back for about a year.

She even had the audacity to try and convince me that she just "decided" to go back to jail, that she was taking my advice to go back. WHAT THE F? I didn't know that you could walk up the gate of the state prison, knock on the door and ask to be let back in. She makes me crazy.

Now she calls COLLECT ($.85 each call) every dag on day. She needs me to send her money (cause she needs personal items)...as if raising two of her children don't cost anything. She needs me to get her some puzzles etc cause she is bored. SPARE ME.

It is always something.

1 comment:

  1. You are a good sister and aunt.

    Sad how inmates feel entitled to stuff. SMH. My aunt had a jailbird husband how acted like folks were supposed to jump at attention to his demands.

    I hope your sister gets it together. There are far too many moms in jail.