The Travel Diva Truly IS!!!!

I was SOOOOO tired of having to wait till I got to some wireless spot to access my blog or to read my faves. I was also SOOOOO tired of having a wireless router AND a cotton picken signal booster so I could try and have access all over the house (turns out, the place is a little too large for that) AND still not being able to connect in the comfort of my bed. UGGGGGAAAAAH!!!! It was makin me crazy. I finally caved and got me a wireless PC card (free with 2 years of service of course) and a plan and I am TRULY WIRELESS.
I was ridin' in the H3 and I was checkin email. HA! I was at grandma's house tonight (totally in the 19th century) and I was readin' my favorite blogs. HE HE! I am TRULY a TRAVELIN' DIVA now. I can blog, email, check the internet ANYTIME I WANT. SO THERE!
I'm in computer, cyberspace heaven.

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  1. Now THIS is what I want. I would love to be able to connect anywhere. Hmmm.... going to check out Cingular right now.!