My husband and I were Amway/Quixtar Distributors for over 12 years...can you even believe it...before we decided that we needed to move on and focus our energies on other ventures that were significantly more profitable. I've kept my peace about the business to myself for the most part, you can revisit two other posts where I've mentioned our experience in Amway/Quixtar...



Although Ron and I are no longer actively "building the business" anymore, we still have an organization that generates a nice monthly residual income that pays for a couple of "toys/niceities" and keeps me in decandent shoes and clothes. I don't begrudge a dollar of it and gladly satisfy the "member/client" volume each month inorder to keep that check coming. HOWEVER, I have had just about enough of the drama and intrigue that has gone on over the past couple of months to put down a few rambling thoughts on it all.....

1. I'm just sick and tired of all the BULLDOOKIE about the "books, tapes, functions." It makes me sick to hear about the UK putting a halt on the business over there because of serious questions about the BTF's. Or the mess in India over the same nonsense. WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE JUST FESS UP!!!!! A good majority of the money in the business is made by higher level pins through the sale of the books, tapes and functions. JUST ADMIT IT. I'm a freakin math major and the daggon numbers just don't add up. I'm not buying it, that a new Diamond Direct (based on what you show in the plan and all the other "bonuses") adds up in the first year to a $500K house & 2 new porches paid for in cash the first year. BULL! Ron and I combined made from our jobs (and now more) what they were claiming these Diamonds made and WE CAN'T PAY FOR OUR HOUSE OUTRIGHT.

JUST STOP THE MADDNESS. Tell everyone that if and when they get to a certain level they will make a whole heap a lot of money from the btf and that is why you have to shove them down everyone's throat. If Ron and I had known that from the beginning, perhaps we would have gone direct and stayed there and more so we could REAP the rewards of the big money.

2. Amway/Quixtar...WHOEVER...just fired/let go (did they resign - who knows) about 12 IBO's cause they didn't like their business practices. SO, what about the thousands of people that are beneath them. You sent out this fancy letter letting the rest of us IBO's know that you kicked thse people out of the door, but do you even give a damn about the thousands of IBO's who were under those Diamonds. Obviously not...this is from the Alticore (the parent company of Amway/Quixtar) blog...http://media.alticorblogs.com/2007/08/10/just-go-team/ . What kind of professional response is "Just Go TEAM Go"...away.

3. I'm sick of the infighting. I'm sick of hearing about a new change every 5 seconds...Changing the name from Quixtar back to Amway....teams breaking away or not from Bri.t.t...new "motivation" systems to get your "tools" from (of course, NO DISCLOSURE, on who is making all the money from the "tools"....the Communikate voicemail URGING you to change over IMMEDIATLY (what ya gonna do if I don't?)...blah blah blah.

4. I'm still saddend over the loss of so many people I thought were friends. The only propaganda that I bought over the 12 years was the "friends for life" stuff. What was always left off and I never saw it coming was that what they really meant was "friends for life...ONLY if you are actively building the business." There were some people that I thought I got really close to...one was the daughter of my upline and she pretty much spat me out and said "screw you" (her husband seems to still be a decent person). The only people we are still on a speaking basis with is our immediate upline and a few of the people we personally sponsored. That part of the business...the relationships you "think" you've built...it's all a lie and I've still haven't gotten over it yet.

5. Prices. Most of the products simply are not retailable anymore. No matter how you slice it/dice it or how concentrated you make it, we just can't compete on just about all of the products except the Nutrition Line...and that was the only line Ron and I focused on YEARS before it became popular. I think Ron snapped a head gasket when he went to hear G.re.g Du.nca.n speak about how the company focus was as a Health & Beauty company. He was waxing eloquently on everything Ron had been teaching our group for years and people in the audience we lapping it up like it was the freakin' gospel. Ron was usually treated with skeptisim. That was one of the breaking points for him...no longer would he expend his intellectual capital in an area where nobody will list nor will he get paid. Best to focus on the real estate deal. The returns were much higher.

6. Just keep doing what your doing!!!!!!! That was my breaking point, almost 2-3 years before Ron snapped. I just shut my mouth and ate a piece of humble pie cause I wasn't going to kill my man's dream. If I heard that priceless BULLSHYAT quote one more STOOOOOPIT time, I would scream. IF YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, YOU GET THE SAME DAYMN RESULTS...STOOPIT. So when, we had lunch with our upline Diamond one day to go over our business and get some advise as to why were were not growing, what we could do to step up our pace, etc...YA KNOW WHAT THIS MAN SAID!!!...Just keep doing what you are doing! I WAS DONE WITH THE BUSINESS FROM THAT MOMENT ON. Ron could do what he wanted but, LISA LEE had had enough. I pushed away from the table and said...NO MORE JELLO FOR ME, MA. Took Ron 2 more years to see the light, but nobody can say that I wasn't the dutiful, supportive wife.

Whew. I'm tired. I'm glad we are done. I'm glad that my man found his "thing" and together again we are achieving our dreams of walking the "beaches of the world" NOW! Ron worked like a dog for 12 years for that little residual check we get, so we are going to now ignore all the drama and cash our checks for as long as possible.


  1. This is such an interesting post, as I work with someone who is ACTIVELY and PASSIONATELY 'building the team'...and ever so often I get asked (harrassed) into being a part of her team. Now it never really sounded like a fit for me, so I keep saying no...but...she has dedicated her LIFE! and MOST of her free time to going to seminars, and meetings, and opens, and 'plans' and vacays...and I'm like...I REALLY hope it works out for you...But seriously...NOT for me.

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    What I can say only "A Man With A Dream Cannot Be Denied" If you're doing it for your dream, you'll never give up. Oil prices r rising man. Only the rich will make it, the middle class will getting poor and the poor become poorer. Let's watch and see.