Imagine There Are No Drug Reps...

I've been in the Pharmaceutical Industry for more years that I want to really discuss and so many of my friends are in the business as well. We've seen a lot, haven't we. I thought some of you would get a kick out of this little ditty of a song....

Imangine There are No Drug Reps

Ya know that is what so many would like to see happen. To tell you the truth, I'm SOOOOOO glad I'm out of the day to day selling part of it. Times have changed.

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  1. The drug reps can stay, but can we get rid of the commercials?? Cannot be fun having patients coming in to doctor's offices and telling doctors what to prescribe!! I hate that Neosporin commercial where the mom takes the kid in for a cut finger..PLEASE!!!Idiot.

    Movers coming Wed and Thurs. We're supposed to unload Sat. PRAY FOR US! ARGHHHHHHH!