Metamorphosis - Part 3

I had a bad moment last night. When the doctor says 1-2 happy pills every 4 hours...HE MEANS IT. No joke, don't be playing with the time cause it is extremely hard to get yourself back from screaming to a steady state of dull ache.

I messed up. I got up to do my walk and decided to clean up a tad, brush my hair, empty my drains, etc and as I was trying to shuffle back to to the chaise that Ron has set up as my comfort station, WHAM! - I knew something was horribly wrong. It hurt so bad to get back into the chair, I was crying up a storm, body trembling. Ron started freakin out...Jordan was rubbing my hair and putting a cold compress on my head. It took an hour after they got 2 perks & a val**m in my system before I stopped hyperventilating and was calm enough to go to sleep. I got a great night of sleep, but was up at 4:00am. I decided to get ready for my 1st post-opt appointment...I sponged bathed again, teeth, coiffed my hair and even put some makeup on. I then sat in a chair until about 7:00am waiting for Ron to get up. We dropped Cara off at school and went to see Dr. Markmann.

He was very impressed with how well I was healing and Ron was like "WOW! even through the swelling I can see a huge difference. You have a lot of altering your are gonna have to do. How much is this REALLY gonna cost me." Made my day.

Well, I'm tucked into my comfort station (chaise lounge w/lots of pillows, computer, cell, remotes, books, puzzles, water/juice, PILLS...all with hands reach) Tomorrow, I think I'm going to try 20 minutes outside on the deck getting some fresh air.

Till next time...and DON'T FORGET YOUR DOSE!