I Appreciate Your Concern...

....but really, I'm doing just fine. I don't have a fever. I'm past the throwing a blood clot stage. I back in the gym, traveling, going to work and doing everything like I used to before surgery.

No, I don't have keloids. I don't have any gaping holes. I don't look butchered, lopsided, bumpy...whatever. In fact, the one smiley face bikini line scar I do have is fading from memory.

I went to a Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, surgeon. We interviewed each other. He told ME what he can do and what he can't & won't do. He made me get a complete physical which included an EKG. After the procedure, I had to see him every week for 6 weeks straight. I had his pager and cell phone if I had ANY questions or concerns. The two times I did page him, he called back immediately and walked me (Ron) through what he wanted us to do. He had me into Advanced Radiology for an ultrasound within 2 hours of a followup appointment cause he didn't like the fact that one leg swelled more than the other. Turned out to be nothing but me overexerting myself too soon. He was just anal retentive, obsessive compulsive, perfectionist enough for me.

Would I do it again? I don't know...it is too soon and my discomfort is still a recent memory. Do I regret it. HELL NO! Did I have some kind of self hate? Are you kidding me? You don't have to have some kind of self hate, low self-esteem complex to have plastic surgery. Do you have to hate yourself to spend hours in the gym, starve yourself, or to join WW, Jenny or any other weight loss program. NO. After 23 years of struggling, fighting, beating back my weight, spending a fortune on personal trainers, gym memberships, weight loss programs I was sick & tired of being sick and tired. I chose to get some surgical help cause I could. I didn't need to "just be satisfied." Nothing more sinister involved.

I do appreciate your calls and emails, but really, I'm okay and happy. No worries. Nothing more to see here...move along.


  1. What lies behind this blog? Hmmm?
    I think most people look at voluntary plastic surgery with a mixture of horror and fascination. Wouldn't it be wonderful to lie down fat and wrinkled and wake up younger looking, thinner and "tightened"? The horror part comes when you realize it doesn't work that way. There's all kinds of post op things to deal with that are unpleasent and kinda scarey (not to mention painful). I tell you the truth: As great as you look and as well as your surgery went, if I were given the same opportunity, My loathing of anything else surgical ever being done electivly to my body is overwelming to the point of being pathological! But, this was a choice you made and you look fabulous and you are happy, so even though I worried about you suffering surgical complications I am glad and proud you did what you wanted to do and came out looking better then ever!
    I think anyone who says different is probably a little jealous. Butyou're used to that, aren't you beautiful?

    See you next week!

  2. I am NOT mad atcha for having plastic surgery! Growing up, I could never understand why someone would have plastic surgery. ... Then I had two kids. And between stretch marks and gravity, I fantasize about plastic surgery regularly! Good for you for doing something to make yourself feel better! Thanks for sharing all the details, too - people want to know what it's really like! And you look GREAT!