Arrival - Rome by Night w/Dinner & Music

I arrived at the Westin Excesior Rome and all I can say is that staying at a Westin is like home. A gentleman took my luggage while another wisked me inside to the desk. I gave them my name and the young lady says, "Welcome back, Mrs. Steptoe. It's been two years since your last visit and we are glad to have you back." Well, slap me silly. I was immediately relaxed. Since my room was not going to be ready for an hour, she asked if they could "set me up" in the lounge while they readied my room. Sure!

Set up meant that they arranged a couch for me in the far corner and had a cappuccino with snacks brought to me immediately before I could even ask...on the house. MOM!!!! - Get on the plane, the service is the same. My room was ready in 30 minutes and I was up in my room. I swear I was taken to the same room my mother and I stayed in before as it looked exactly the same - Heavenly Bed and All.

I immediately turned on CNN, caught up on the excitement with the Obama nomination, made a few phone calls on my computer - how bout that (.01 cents/min), and collapsed under the covers for a nap.

After my nap, I got up to get ready for my Rome by Night Tour w/Dinner & Music. I had an hour to kill before my ride picked me up, so I went down to the hotel bar for a cocktail. There are a lot of VIP's at the hotel this week. The World Food & Agriculture Organization is having a conference here at the hotel. So, I'm sitting there watching people go by (Japan's Foreign Minister, Ambassador to the Congo, President to the Congo, South African Delegation & more). A man named Armel came over and introduced himself to me. He is the Protocol Officer for the Congo Embassy. He speaks fluent French, Italian and a some English (wasn't too bad actually). He invited me to some event tonight (as his guest of course) and I politely declined. He gave me his card and asked if I needed any help or a guide (like how are you gonna get time off during this conference) to call him on his cell. Uh Huh. Nice man, but it ain't gonna happen buddy.

I went outside to wait for my ride and there were police with machine guns guarding the front of the hotel all non-chalant like. Threw me for a loop, but I guess I was safe. I decided to go an wait inside the door so that IF anything went down, I didn't get picked off by some stray machine gun bullet. Alas, only traffic drama and some protocol issues on which dignitary leaves in what order. Whatever.

The tour I went on was so-so but the dinner & music was fine - right up to the moment when the singers asked us if we wanted to purchase their cd for 16 euro. Crackheads. I don't even pay that much for CD's in the US, I'm certainly not gonna give that much money to you. Humph.

I did get my picture taken with the gladiator and purchased it. He was cute.

When I got back to my room...lookey, lookey.....what was left in my room. Who can deny themselves some wine and plums (chocolate on the pillows) before bed. I love this place.


  1. So.....have you checked out Harry's???Is my man there????

    Thanks for the blow by blow (sic)for those of us left behind WITHOUT POWER!!!!!!!AND HAD TO COME TO WORK TO SS &S and have a cup of plain ole coffee!!!!!

  2. Me! ME MEEEE! Take me with you next time!!!!