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Now that I have that out of the way, let me explain. My classmate from WooPoo University has a very insightful and intelligent blog on Leadership entitled Black Knight on Leadership. Why Black Knight, you ask. BECAUSE HE IS ONE! The Black Knight is the mascot of our dear alma mater and EVERY grad refers to themselves as a Black Knight. We are part of the Long Grey Line, the 13th man at every football game, an Old Grad, an Officer & Gentleman/Lady (whatever). We are what we are. We are Black Knights. Nuff said.

Today, Joe gets a letter from some legal eagle at the Office of the St.af.f Ju.dge Adv.oca.te, United S.tat.es Mil.itary Acad.emy protesting the unauthorized use of the Academy's "Institutional Name and Identifying Marks" in connection with his blog and that "these logos, marks, and verbiage are the property of the U.S. Ar.my and protected under Federal, State and/or common law." Furthermore, if he did not officially apply for permission to use the logo and the "verbiage" (Black Knight) then additional action would be pursued.

Okay. I get the point about the logo. FINE. I wouldn't want anybody using my logos or pictures without permission, but I did not have the faintest idea that the words "Black Knight" were the property of the U.S. Arm.y.....and guess what...neither do over 5 million other people, places, things. I wonder if WooPoo is "vigorously pursuing" the other 4.99 million frigging ways that someone is using the verbiage without permission. I think NOT.

Let me give you just a small sampling of what is out there with the words or some reference to Black Knight in use:
- http://www.theblackknights.org/ (yeah I own the freakin URL, and have for over 10 years, not a peep, yet)
- 2 Movies (Monty Python and the Holy Grail & a 2001 Martin Lawrence Movie)
- A racquet company with a logo VERY close to WP's own mascot
- A martial arts school
- The internets biggest online gaming guild
- A prototype unmanned combat vehicle
- A system engineering and software development company
- A Marvel comic character
- A site dedicated to the breeding & stud service to Great Dane dogs
- A New Jersey bow hunting club
- A world of Warcraft character
- A single stage rocket
- A business term
- a Sw.ann 2.4 GHz Wireless Camera

...do you need more? The Administrative and Civil Law Guru for Intellectual Property must have one hell of a staff of clerks to go after the 5 million ways that people are violating the U.S Ar.my's ownership of the words - Black Knight. Gimme a freakin break.

Personally, I think it has something to do with the fact that Joe disagreed with the decision to rewrite two of the Academy's beloved songs - The Alma Mater & The Corp - to be more inclusive of women graduates. Despite his disagreement (and I was with him on that one), he did submit some suggestions for rewording a few lines. Guess he showed up on somebody's desk as a heretic. Ya know what, Imma be singing MY Alma Mater and The Corp the way is was written and the way I was taught. I ain't changing to the new words, and if your feelings get hurt SO BE IT.

As for this legal wrangling, I know Joe will do what he needs to do to be able to use the logo - if they will even let him, but not being allowed to use the words Black Knight without their permission - Kiss My Patootie. Start with the other 5 mil and get back to us.