Back to Rome

We were supposed to go to the Galleria del' Accademia to see Michaelangelo's David on Monday, but found out as we waited for a taxi that the museums are closed on Monday. A phone call to the tour service and "oops, we are so sorry, we will issue a refund" later and we were off to do what only a Diva can do when the scheduled plans are waylaid and she has 3 hours to kill before the train back to Rome....SHOP! We we back down to Ponte Vecchio and just window shopped our way around the city. Karen tourtured some guy with a street booth selling belts for about 30 minutes making him take buckles off, put new ones one, changing them around until she was satisfied with the 4 belts she decided on. Very nice.

We then walked through a square next to the Uffizi Gallery (also closed) and was accosted by an African selling knock off LV luggage. He followed us through the square, offering us a "special deal" on the luggage (it was like a pull duffle bag) of 200 euros. I called him a crackhead and said I'd give him 10 euros - bout what it was really worth. No No he said, best offer is 300 for both (he had 2). I told him that crack kills, stop it. 10 eruos. Give me 100 euros, best I can do. Bye! There has to be a sucker born every minute - how do these guys make it. There is no way. Karen says that there must get somebody - sometime - even a broke clock is right 2x a day. We went by a flea market and if I'll be damned - there was the same knock off LV luggage for 17 euros. Da Hell! Now I would have been REAL mad had I got suckered into spending that money and there it was for 17 euro. Well, guess what? During our shopping excursion, we ran back into that same guy and I told him about the booth with the bag at 17 euro. He says okay give me 20. WTF! Have you lost it. We just shook our head and walked away.

We stopped for the most expensive Gellati in the world. 2 came to 20 euro! It was good and she gave us goo-gobs of the stuff which we couldn't eat all of, but damn, it wasn't really that good.

We went back by Davide Cevasi's so I could try on the White leather again. I was fretting and fretting, tried on one in black and had settled on the black, but really wanted the white. He said why not get both, I'll make you a deal...and it was a really good one. DONE. He wrapped up both and we made our way back to the Westin to get our luggage to return to Rome.

We made the train and when we arrived at the Cavalieri Hilton Rome, my mouth dropped open. We went from good, to gooder, to fantastic. WOW! The hotel is beautiful, our room is awesome and our view is spectacular. Everything else would have been slumming. I am in hotel snob heaven.

Today we went on a tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel and our guide was HORRIBLE. I could barely understand a thing she was saying and the information she gave was irrellevant and BOOOORING. Such a beautiful place with a boring tour guide. Uggah. We leave the tour and started walking back to get some final gifts for the family and we stumble upon this ice cream show with a line amost down the block. Karen gets in line and gets us two wonderful ice creams for a total of 4 euros. The most creamiest, lucious ice cream ever that didn't almost break the bank. This shop should be on the tour: "And to the right of the Pope's Crib is an awesome ice cream shop..." At least mark it on the dang map. Delicious.

We made it back to the hotel by 6pm and were too exhausted to go out to dinner. We started packing and getting ready for our flights tomorrow. It's back to the real world.

See you next time, Italy.


  1. BTW, I called the other leather shop, y'a know, the guy you kissed the last time for the red jacket???? Anyway, he said he was very upset that you didn't stop by. He said he would make you an offer you couldn't refuse!!!

  2. Beautiful photos. Glad to hear you got the white jacket as well, it looked great on you!

  3. Oh please give me all of the details of your trip...where did you fly out of...what airline?

    I wanted to go to Greece but the flights are just too expensive so it looks like it's going to be Italy.

  4. lol at the street vendor saying "ok give me 20".

    sounds like you had a fabulous time!!! i'd luv to travel to europe but the funds are definitely too tight to face the euro right about now. lol

  5. Wonderful pics. Touch some fly leather shoez for me. LOL.

  6. These pics are sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous! Um...bout that jacket...