"Beside the Seaside"

I'm packing the family up for our trip to Orlando, Florida...a little family trip...kids and all. We leave Saturday morning. Cara is gonna drive me bat crazy talking about the trip:

Mommie? When do we go to Cindarella's House?
Mommie? Do we go on an airplane?
Mommie? Can I make an X on the calendar? How many day's left till Cindarella's House?
Mommie? I want to go to the beach and get sea shells?
Mommie? I wanna play in the water.

Lord Have Mercy.

And to top it off, Cara is an advid watcher of anything on Noggin (Wonder Pets, Dora, Diego, Oswald, Backyardigans). You know that they repeat the same shows OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER again till I can sing EVERY dang song to EVERY show. Well, this little ditty below comes on during every commercial and it reminds Cara of our trip and the questions start over again. Now I have to sing the friggin song when we go to bed. I'm starting to ask, "Are we there yet?"

Even though I get irritated with all the questions, there is nothing like the joy in my baby girls eyes, the excitement of this adventure...I'm actually looking forward to the Tea Cup Ride and It's a Small World. Starting again with a small person at a different point in our lives when we can do more (spoil rotten is more like it) is just a blast...and YES, I know I'm creating a mini-diva monster, but she is the cutest mini-me on the face of the planet.

Stay tuned for Travel Diva Adventures at Disney