Vacation with Friends

Our bestest friends (while Ron and I have known Joe for over 20 years, classmates and all; we have been "couple" friends for 19+ years - since Ft. Knox & his marriage to Terri) have finally arrived and joined us on a vacation in Florida. We have been talking about taking a vacation together for over 10 years, but have finally been able to pull it off.

Terri LOVES trains, so they took the AutoTrain down and arrived this morning. Since they couldn't check into their resort until 4pm, they came over to ours and we hung out at the pool all day until checkin time.

It was a very relaxing day at the pool.

More adventures tomorrow.


  1. Have fun Travel Diva!! Thanks for visiting my page as well :)

  2. Let me try that again, with the correct sign in so you'll have my blog profile ;) sorry, have fun..