The TravelDiva is Travel Delayed

It's my own fault. I should have checked online prior to leaving the house what the status of my flight was (going on a one day business meeting in Buffalo), but NOOOOOO...I piddled around the house, pulled some weeds and went for a run so that I ended up rolling outta the house at 2:15pm for a 3:20 flight. I wasn't too worried as I didn't have to check any bags.

Well, I get to BWI, check in at the electronic kiosk and WHAM! "You're Flight is Delayed" - by 2 friggin hours. Humph. What to do? What to do to kill the time.

With my handy, dandy notebook (laptop) equipped with a wifi modem, I am amusing myself by catching up on my blog visits and people watching. And um, I am looking at a guy wearing a plaid kilt (for real), navy t-shirt, and tennis shoes and he just goosed his girlfriend in the azz right in my face. WOW (uggah, my new crackberry doesn't have camera capabilities and I loaned my ma my purse camera)

Other interesting visuals of note:
- If your jeans are SOOO tight that they create a muffin top outta your midriff, you need to get a bigger size.
- Despite the fact that getting through security is daunting, it is NEVER appropriate to wear your pajamas to travel in.
- Yes, you CAN get so fat that your but cheeks will move independently of each other when you want. I couldn't help but stare.
- Knit pants that fit like spandex is a NO NO if your thighs and azz look like cottage cheese. GET SOME SPANX IMMEDIATELY.
- I know your handbag is a knockoff, no matter how you try to sport it, especially if the C's are actually G's.
- If you insist on wearing your toes and heels out for the world to view, FIX YOUR DAMN POLISH (you haven't changed it in two years) AND PUT SOME DANG LOTION ON. I just saw a live version of a picture oneblackman sent to CreoleInDC. It is just nastier in real life.

YEAH! My flight is starting to board. Gotta go.

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  1. I'm kinda glad you didn't have your camera - I didn't need to see any of the hotmess you described!

    Safe Travels!