WTF - Dollars vs Euros

What da Hell!!!!???? I just exchanged $1000 for euro's and all I got was 575 euros. DA HELL am I supposed to do with that? Nobody is getting any trinkets back from Italy. I need all the euros I have just to freakin' eat. DAMN. Puts a (small) damper on my joy, but I'm certain I'll get over it - right up until I have to pay for something.

UPDATE: I met a lovely lady at the cafe bar in the airport while killing time to board our respective planes. She told me that she just exchanged $4000 and got 1800 sterling (pounds) back. MORTIFIED. We had a wonderful time together, shared a drink or two and now are waiting to board. Me to Rome, Dawn to London.

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  1. my mother loves it when she comes here she feels RICH!!! And then so do I as it comes trickling down!! LOL