Guest Blogger - Princess Charlee's Thoughts On Her Cancun Adventure

Charlee --- Cara --- Erin

Hi TravelDiva Fans.... my name is Charlee Paye.

I know this may seem strange being the middle neice to the TravelDiva, but this is my first time traveling out of the country, and I did it alone. I got on a flight out of BWI alone and managed to transfer planes and arrive alive in Cancun, Mexico.

Once I got across the border my adventure began. As soon as we got to the resort the first thing we did was go to the beach. I must not get out much because I have never seen water so blue in my entire life. Cara and I built a sand castle...well, I did most of the work...and we splashed around in the waves. You know you are living the life when you can sip margaritas while swimming in an Olympic-sized pool.

After a couple long hours at the pool we went to Planet Hollywood for some dinner. I devoured a rack of ribs, Cara literally inhaled her spaghetti and Jordan terminated the “Terminator Burger.” Dinner was good despite the fact that the Austin Powers wanna be kept trying to shagg my little sister. After browsing some of the shops, and taking two shot of Tequila at a gift shop with Erin, my first night in heaven had ended.

Early the next morning I woke up to my little sister jumping on my bed ready to go back to the beach. I sat back and watched with an American flag in my hand. We just hung out at the infinity pool all day and after a power nap, it was time to party. Erin was going to take us to the club, Senor Frogs, for the night to celebrate the fourth. After a tall margarita, and a couple beers for Jordan, the dancing began. We got low to the floor on the cha-cha slide, watched the waiters do the stanky legg, cranked that souljah boy, took shots on the soul train line, walked it out all over the stage, and sang Journey. Me and my right-hand man were definitely the life of the party.

We took a cab home, and of course, Jordan loses his wallet. End of night 2.

This morning we prepared for the “Jungle Tour.” There wasn’t really much jungle besides the huge water bushes and the locals jumping off the highway bridge and swimming in the..uhh was it even a lake?? I got to swim with the fishies, which was an amazing experience, and speed raced back to shore on the motor boats. And of course when we got back to the resort it was back to the beach and the pool! Hopefully I will have Cara somewhat swimming by the time we get home.

I played mom (aka TravelDiva) in an extreme game of chess, and she kind of let me win. I’m so excited to see what the rest of this trip brings, besides my crucial tan.