The Weekend In Random Thoughts Review

The past week has been just a whirlwind of fun, adventure and hijinks...

I wrote a post on MLM and the things that irritate me about it. I'm just gonna say these last few things:
- I don't care that people might read it and get the "wrong" impression about MLM and make it hard for you. I say what I want here and what I said is the gospel according to The TravelDiva.
- It is your THING so you do the explaining and change behaviors.
- A couple of you need to get a life...seriously, I'm not the cause of all your troubles. Stop following me on Twitter, stop sending me emails, stop trying to "convince" me that I'm wrong. I'm not and all of your posturing, posting/sending me quotes from famous people and/or the bible as if that is going to make me want to "get in" and taunting with "you're life sucks-you're a loser-you don't want to help people -you have no ambition" bullshyt only makes my case.

I'm just saying.

I went to my daughters corporate bbq on Friday. Great spread, nice people. She works at an economic think tank in DC. These people are really smart with like 20 PhD's and whatnot. They can write papers on how running outta bbq sauce will lead to global warming and the collapse of the banking system as we know it. Unfortunately, I think that being super smart must age the hell out of you. Those dudes looked OLD.

Like hair hanging out of your ear old. Like wearing shorts, black socks to your knees and white tennis shoes (or worse Birkenstocks) old.

Made me want to rethink working on my BrainAge...I don't want to look that old just to be smart as Einstein.

They may have been aged, but they sure did drink and do line dances like college students.

As an aside, if your bellybutton is big enough for me to put my fist into, then your gut is GYNORMOUS and wearing a fitted tshirt is just WRONG. I have spoken.My birthday twin, Debbi, came home from teaching in Africa (she is going back) and the CrimeFightingFriends got back together for cocktails. We fight crime (or will at least call 911 if we see your azz getting beat down in the street) where ever we find it.

Debbi is blaming me (or rather the Rum Punch) for making her deathly ill. HUMPH. I think she brought one of those African skeeters with her and she was shaking off the cooties. But if you must, go ahead and blame it on the alcohol.

So, LisaA...what ARE we gonna do about our Facebook stalkers?

Saturday, Val, Debbi, Terri & I went to see The Color Purple at the Kennedy Center with Fantasia playing Celie. She did a wonderful job. That girl can sing. The woman they had playing Shug Avery wasn't as good as I have previously seen; however, the play was great.

Some observations from the theater:
- Wearing what you wore to mow the lawn is not appropriate for the theater...and neither is wearing what you wore from your job at the strip club.
- All of your fussing, shifting in your seat, sucking your teeth during the play over what somebody else is doing down the row is such a waste of time and annoying to the person on your left & right. If you paid more attention to the STAGE and not what some youngster is doing 4 seats away, you wouldn't even notice. (I was sitting 2 seats away from said kid and I didn't hear a thing - go figure.
- It is not worth standing in line for 20 min to pay $10 for 3 oz of wine only to have to swig it down because the lights are going on & off indicating it is time to return to your seats. Just wait.
- I am also NOT paying $6 for a box of sourpatch candy...but I have no shame in asking to share yours..."Gimme a Sourpatch!"
- Really...why not take your group photo in the Opera House instead of the garage parking lot. Seriously...and aren't we just a little too old to be posing like we in the club in your Sunday Best.

We must do better or at least try to fake it.

We all went over to Co Co Sala after the play for some drinks. Yes, the food & drinks are pricey and the serving size on the plates are SUPER SMALL, but I was having a great time with the ladies.

Let me tell you what...if your man gets so stoned faced drunk that you have to practically carry/drag him out of the restaurant...then it is time to get a new man. Pathetic.

It is NOT cute to be walking around the streets of DC in your bare feet. That is just nasty. If you know you are going to be doing some walking, I suggest you bring another pair of shoes to change into or just leave the stilettos at home. Come on now.

I got a call on Friday about going to an interview on Monday. Went to interview on Monday - knocked it out the park as usual - and had an offer of employment at 10:30 am on Tuesday. After a long search, a short stint at a job I did not enjoy AT ALL, this opportunity dropped in my lap and went down so fast. I feel blessed.

Just have to pass a background check...good thing they cleared that mess up with my sister...and pass a drug test....hmmm, do you think that Makers Mark will show up?

@DrRarePearl83 stopped by last night. I made quesadilla's, nachos and RUM PUNCH...and she DID talk, but I had to put her under a bright light & slowly drip water on her forehead to interrogate her. Her stories about dealing with the kids she teaches makes her a Saint in my book. I'd have killed some of those heathens.

Whipped out the griddle this morning and made pancakes & eggs for breakfast...my kids came out of the woodwork like roaches at the smell of food. Even Prince Jordan was up before 1pm. Shock & Awe.

How was your weekend? How is your week shaping up.