Vacation Variables

Traveling with family and/or friends can be daunting and it is easy to get annoyed. As a frequent traveler with this crew there are some things that you just gotta let roll of of your back like water or you are going to end up one pissed traveler and end up ruining your vacation.

If you have a lot of pet peeves, idiosyncrasies and/or you are a "my way or the highway" kind of person...I suggest your travel by yourself. Or at least don't go anywhere with me cause I'll leave yo azz.

The best way to find out if you love someone or hate them is to travel with them - Mark Twain.

He's got that right.

Your drama is all yours. I will ignore you and go about my happy go lucky, having a good time way.

For the most part, while at a major resort, you can be a complete anal retentive, demanding azz (if you so desire). But once you are out and about, I would recommend having some understanding of the local culture & customs and adjusting accordingly. When in Rome, do like the Romans. I'm not saying to accept or tolerate rudeness or poor service, but your lack of acceptance/tolerance of the way things are done (this really pertains out of the country) actually makes YOU look like a village idiot (AKA - ignorant American). Seriously. Just stay at home then.

There were a few times that I got a tad irritated with my son, who this trip was in honor of. You see, I completely understand going on vacation and doing absolutely nothing; however, sitting in the suite all day playing Warcraft on the computer, sleeping until 2pm, and/or watching movies (in Spanish) does NOT require that you go out of the country. You can do that shyt at home and save me a boat load of money. I'm just saying.

To avoid being completely annoyed, I swam up to the pool bar and ordered another drink. HUMPH.

If you can't stand the sun or the heat, then WHY DA HELL do you come (and always want to go) to resorts in the friggin Caribbean WHERE IT IS HOT. I'm just asking...I'm not saying anything...just swimming back up to the bar again.

I had had just about enough of Princess Cara's fraidy cat routine. She was just scarred of every friggin thing...and I mean just about everything. So much so that there were times I just had to walk away so as to not slap the drama queen right out of her. I had to walk away from her and her co-conspirator & enabler - The FireMarshall.

However, just when I was on the brink of madness, thinking that they don't really have social services down here; The FireMarshall takes her on the water slide and....ooops...drops her. She got royally dunked. From then on, Princess Cara was fearless in the water. Now she is a regular Jacques Cousteau...Go figure.

If you haven't figured it out, I like to travel. I like to experience new things. I am adventurous. I would rather see it, do it, go there myself and live to tell the tale. I'm not much for sitting in my house and learning about the world from my TV or my computer. Live it; Experience it. At home - Safe - yes...But BOOOORRRRRING.

I love to travel, but HATE the getting there and back business:
  • I find it a bit absurd that I have to give blood & subject myself to a potential cavity search to get on a friggin plane, but can board a train or bus with gallons of liquids & carry any ole type of potential weapons - like a mean lookin nail file - without anybody saying so much as BOO. That is just some STOOPIT ish. Not safe at all. Just a stupid and wasteful policy if you ask me...but you prolly didn't.
  • Come on...my nail clippers and tweezers pose a significant threat? However, the case of Tequila (flammable, I'd say) that I dragged onto a train doesn't worry anybody. Mmmkay.
  • I gotta take my shoes off to be screened anywhere in the US but leaving Mexico and just about anywhere else in the world....ahhhh, shucks, just leave em on. I guess only a fool in the US tried to lite the soles of his shoes on fire. Sometimes I just think we Americans have cornered the market on Village idiots.

I'm just saying.

You have to love a good flea market in any country...but the one in Cancun (while it still pales in comparison to the haggling you would experience at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul) was a marvel of hawkers, haggling and....wait for it...honesty.
- "Please, mama, just give me one Mexican second in my store."
- " Best junk of any both, best prices too."
- " Oh, por favor senorita, you gave him a look, my just is much better."
- " I'll give you best price of all on my just."

STOP THE MADDNESS. I hollerd the whole time.

My iPhone is da BOMB. There is nothing like having free wifi at the resort and being able to Twitter, FB and kick azz in some Scrabble by the pool with frosty drink at your side. I loved being able to watch CreoleInDC's new video creations and practically falling out of my lounge chair laughing so hard. I had to quit her, ya know.

What happens in Mexico, should stay in Mexico.

White women, cornrows done by Mexican women & beads. I'm done. More nail art please.

Tell me some of your Vacation Variables....I'm tuckered out.