The "Jungle Tour"

The "Jungle Tour" should have really been called the "Lagoon Tour" or just the "Ride the Speed Boat" tour because there was really no "Jungle" to be seen at all. Unless you call these big mangroves in the water a jungle, then the tour was not named appropriately. A bit of false advertising if you ask me.

Now don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful time driving our own personal speed boat and snorkeling in the ocean; however, I am glad that we paid at a discounted rate as Starwood Owners or I might have been a tad pissed about how much it was for the NOT Jungle Tour. By the way...our tour guide was in his own speed boat and we just followed so there wasn't much of a tour either.

Cara loved the boat - hated the pirannah sized fish. Nemo my azz she said. Sarah made all of us almost burst a kidney when she sported her shower cap as her swim cap. The FireMarshall was always trying to give safety "boat driving tips". Nobody could hear him over the engines. Stop the madness.

Despite the fact that the tour was a tad bit off in its advertisement, we had a great time.