Stop Actin Like You Don't Know...

Dear FireMarshall's Cousin's,

You know who you are. The Black people who are not related to me, but to somebody else (like the FireMarshall) because my people would not behave this way...they have to be YOUR COUSINS.

Imma need you to STOP THE BULLSHYT. Get your friggin nose out the air and stop acting like you don't know anybody - especially other people of color - when you are traveling. We are not trying to shake you down. We are not trying to embarrass your stanky azz. We are not trying to steal your shyt. We ARE NOT trying to do whatever it is you think we are trying to do when you get your face all twisted as if someone just cut a smelly in your presence when another person of color speaks to you on the beach, at the pool, in the hotel lobby...WHEREVER...while on vacation.

I have had just about enough of that gas face I have received from YOUR COUSINS whenever I have said hello, offered to take your photo with the whole family for you, or tried to offer directions or something. You must think you have arrived or whatnot cause you on a wonderful vacation at a beautiful resort...MUST BE NICE...I know it is; I'm here too.

I know there are some that would say, come on TravelDiva, it must just be this particular spot, this particular vacation. NERP. I have written about this before on other trips and it chaps my azz every friggin time. What da hell is wrong YOUR COUSINS cause I know for a fact that my friends of color - my Black friends - just wouldn't behave in that manner.

I can strike up a converstation with complete strangers who are white or foreign or something other than Black and have a lovely time. I try and strike up a converstation with YOUR COUSINS and...gas face. DA HELL is wrong with you!

I am not going to say it again. STOP THE BULLSHYT cause the next time I get that friggin gas face, I'm going to taze you azz with a few choice words and then you will know something.

I'm just sayin.