Hump Day Randoms

After 12 years of faithful and dedicated service, our beautiful stainless steel gas grill with the side burner, smoker and rotisserie, DIED, on Sunday, July 12th at approximately 3:35pm. Services were immediately held and arrangements made for its removal from its place of honor in the back yard. SIGH.

My sister called me and asked if I would use my frequent flyer miles to get her a ticket to go to...now follow along...her alledged baby daddy's brothers funeral. How many times do I have to say CRACK KILLS!

I'm just a tinge of jealous that Pattie & Sozik are hanging together this weekend. Just a little, cause they are supposed to be discussing our girls weekend trip. RIIIIIGGGGHTTT????!!!! I expect the plan of action NLT Monday by noon. Mkay?

I am looking forward to the concert on the lawn at Merriweather Post Pavillion on Friday with a few of my "axe murderer" friends. Even the FireMarshall is in on this activity.

My cat, Socks, is acting a tad psycho after we left him at home for a week while we were on vacation. He did have someone looking in on him, but still...I think he has some abandonment issues.

Sooooo, this woman thinks her life suck with her husband...he's not "performing" anymore. She steps out and plays cougar to a few gym jocks. Tells her husband she wants out, and is willing to give up everything...and I mean everything. Doesn't want the house cause "she can't afford it". Took her debt with her too. When husband has the quick claim deed served at her job, her lip is poked out that she now has nothing but debt to show for all her years.

Can you say VILLAGE IDIOT?!

Angry White Woman (my mother) is going to Alaska on a cruise. We are just a little concerned that she won't come back cause she is on the prowl for some Alaska Glacier Man. I'm skerred...for him.

I'm back in the running game...Army 10 miler here I come.

I was asked to test out a product and write about it. This should be interesting

So...How is your Hump Day?