Just not the one in question

Roxanne, originally uploaded by Jeppestown.

I recieved a copy of my sisters warrant & statement of charges this past week.

WHY, you ask? Well, because I was "involved" in her latest escapade and needed to have my name cleared. Interestingly enough, the PoPo have added to her charges of engaging in working girl behavior...they added "did engage in assignation by any means & did hinder a Police investigation"

Good for them.

However, I was amused by the Application for Statement of Charges where the officer outlines his case and all of what his investigation revealed. It was a relief to know that the officer "was able to determine that [my sister] was the [working girl he] contacted" and was able to determine from photographs and other identifying material that I submitted "that [TheTravelDiva] was not the [working girl] he contacted."

Ummm. Okay...so I was not the one "contacted" in the initial arrest, but that doesn't mean that I'm still not actually a working girl.

I was just not the one in question. What a relief.

Be it known that if I am going to be known as a possible working girl, I AM IN MANAGEMENT. Now get your red lights and get to working, mkay.