Foxy Mama

Ashley (on the left & pronounced Ash-eh-lee by Cara) celebrated her birthday at Gallery Bar & Lounge last Friday. Ron and I went down after having dinner with some friends to hang out for an hour or so with Ashley and Erin.

I have to say that I sure do look foxy with the young folk. My favorite part is when some of Erin's man friends strike up a conversation with me and Erin saunters over to inform them..."Ya know that's my momma." I just love to see the looks of the face my gentlemen callers...especially when I point out..."and yes, that's my husband of 20 years over there..." All that exfoiliating, hydrating, expensive makeup, and spa treatments is paying off. WHOO HOO.

I've been saying it all this time....Beauty can be Enhanced through Finance.

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  1. "Beauty can be Enhanced through Finance"

    I'm sooooooooooooo stealing this one! ROFL!