Mykonos-A Greek Isle

This morning we arrived at the Greek Isle of Mykonos and decided to spend a few hours at the beach. Wasn't too much else to do and it was HOT. No point in being HOT by the pool when you can be hot at the beach and chill out with some beautiful scenery. The houses are all white with mostly blue doors. There are supposed to be these windmills on the hills but we didn't get to see any.

We just hung out and Ron chased the shade while I chased the sun. Ron thought the water was too cold for his liking...but it's HOT as hell baby. I finally got him in the water and he whined the whole time...something about shrinkage. He was fine once I got him fully immersed in the water and then I made him carry me around on his back...my own personal floatation device (although the girls work fine usually all by themselves).

Two things we mused about...

1. Americans have NO CONCEPT of what a real "holiday" is. Most European countries give their employees 6 weeks of vacation. Australians get 6 weeks and then every 8 years with their company the get an additional 3 months off. No wonder we (Americans) don't venture far from home. It takes too long to get anywhere outside the States and we don't have the vacation time to enjoy it. Most of the people we have spoken to on the ship are on 6 - 12 week "holiday's" and this is just 2 weeks of their journey. AMAZING. Ron and I laid there and dreamed about a time when we will be able to travel the world anytime we please without have to worry about how much vacation we have accrued. At least on my part right now.

2. What the heck is wrong with my people. There are about 10-12 black folk out of 3000 passengers and Ron and I can't get one of them to give us the time of damn day. I know I had the cooties earlier, but what gives now? This morning, I said hello to a woman I've seen around the ship and she looked at me like..."How dare you even look in my general direction?" Wow. Maybe she got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Then at the beach, there was a family of my peeps and Ron and I swam over to them and started to strike up a conversation with he guy who was playing with a fishing net. He looked up at Ron, grunted, and went back to fishing. Ron gave him the terminator look over his Oaklys and nudged me back over to the our side of the beach. Wow. I had to give a quick sniff to make sure we weren't offending. Not sure what the issue is, but it is a DAMN SHAME.

Ron is on a mission to sample all local cuisine and insisted that we get off the beach to have a gyro. I had a local beer and watched my man eat as I gazed lovingly at his muscles. He them amuses himself by giving a gun show. When Ron is relaxed, he is absolutely hilarious. We are back on the ship, sailing for Istanbul. Ron and I both have a Hot Stone Massage. Gotta Run. Big shopping day tomorrow in the Grand Bazaar.

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  1. You guys are too intimidating: Looks, Money, Brains....people just can't handle that. It's the price you're gonna have to pay for being wonderful...sigh.