Getting There...

Ron and I wrapped up the house, made some last minute notes to everyone, loaded up the company car (don't want to leave the H3 sitting around for 2 weeks - heaven forbid), and drove to Philly - the airport we were leaving from. Everything was uneventful. I did have to listen to Ron try to close shop on his Crackberry, but all in all the drive was uneventful.

One thing that was decided was that Economy Class is just no way to live. It is a way to exist, but not a way to live. Unfortunately, Ron and I have to exist in the Ecomnomy lane right now, but make no mistake - I did everything in my DIVA power to get us upgraded to Business or First Class (BOOKED SOLID) using my Dividend miles. SUCKS. Business/First Class has their own line to check in, their own line to go through security; they board first and they are drinking before I even get to my seat. SUCKS. It is just no way to live. Well, I immediately asked about the return flight and so far there are plenty of seats to upgrade to but we have to wait until 24 hours before the flight to upgrade (don't want to give away the seats to upgraders if they can get a full fare passenger). I am SOOOO on it.

We load up on the plane - IN ECOMOMY - with the rest of civilization and Ron is eyeing some empty seats arcross the aisle - he wants to spread out. He finally moves over to the seats cause other passengers are also making moves. Possession is 9/10ths of the law and Ron is a big guy and looks like the terminator with those Maui Jims on. We are already about 20 min late into departure so Ron and I strike up a converstaion with 2 ladies (I think they are a couple) across the aisle from me and in front of Ron's new seats. They are going on the cruise as well - celebrating Gretchens 40th Birthday and Meileen's 50th birthday. Ask me who you think is running things. Anyway, nice ladies...we are joking around, killin' time and Gretchen asks Ron to help with a bag and she SEE's HIS MUCSLCES. Why are people insistant on touching my merchandise. So she rubs his arm and comments on how soft and smooth his skin is (Yeah, his mandingo will set you back straight girl friend) and then Ron throws FUEL on the fire by flexing his guns. I thought Gretchen was going to come back over to the man side. Ron tells me later that was his intention.

Finally, this family of 4 comes rushing onto the plane (Dad, son and 2 blond barbies - in tears) and are told to find any empty seats. I move over with Ron and give the teen age vampire slayers our seats, the dad sits in the row in front of Gretchen and Meileen and the 20 something son goes to the back to find a seat. NO HAPPENING. The only open seat is one that was paid for by a woman for her baby. She wasn't givin it up (I don't blame her - I wouldn't want Cara sitting on my lap for 6 hours either). The son comes to our area and tells his Dad that he will catch the next flight and hook up with them in Barcelona. He is calm and cool, the girls are crying and Dad is giving him phone numbers and money so he make arrangements. All of a sudden, the guy in the seat next to the Dad says he is in no rush, he'll take the next flight - keep the family together. Our section of the plane erupts in applause. I almost started crying myself. People were hugging this stranger. That moment of random acts of kindness is so rare. UNBELIEVEABLE.

We take off. Two glasses of wine & some sominex and I'm only able to acheive a fitfull sleep. We arrive in Barcelona ALMOST without incident. Ya'll know you can only get off the plane when they open the cottin pickin' doors RIGHT. Well, this woman's Xanax obviously wore off and she rushed the door but met a road block in my ass. No I am not moving as we are not going anywhere. She was on the verge of a major melt down when Ron snatches me back into the row to let her pass. She advanced one more row and Gretchen wasn't moving. The irony in all of this is that they deplaned from the rear and she had to go back the way she came. I thougth for sure she was going to jump from the plane.

The hotel we are in is beautiful and VERY ELEGANT. We are at Hotel 1898 on La Rambla in Barcelona. You can check it out at http://www.nnhotels.es/. Ron and I checked in and immediately went to sleep. I don't remember a damn thing. We got up around 4pm (we arrived at 1030am), got dressed (well, there was some WAY overdue action in there somewhere) and went out for a walk. We ended at this Tapas place that was recommended by the hotel concierge.
Of course, I orded for Ron. He was not versed in what Tapas were. Yeah right. Anyway, we ordered a variety and just watched the crowd walk by. It was very relaxing and Ron even cracked a few onliners that I can not even imagine repeating here.

Well, we are going to get some shut eye and get ready to get on the ship tomorrow.
Buenas Noches! (I think)


  1. Wow! I wanna travel like you when I grow up. LOL. My dream is to travel after the kid graduates next year.

    Bon Voyage

  2. Now THIS is living!

  3. That is a really nice picture of Ron.

    Teasing those poor ladies on...you better keep an eye on him in Europe. Sounds like he's getting a little frisky! LOL

    Bon Voyage!