I Would Like to Declare a Medical Emergency

...And wish to GOD I hadn't.
After a wonderful embarkation day, we go to dinner, do the lifeboat drill and go to a Welcome Aboard Show. Just as we are about to pull out of port, I start to feel sick to my stomach. Rut Row. I toss and turn all night long dealing with a bout of diarrhea when about 3am I upchuck my entire dinner. Whew. I feel so much better. Must have been something I ate. Unfortunately, must have been something we both ate cause Ron was sick too and lost his cookies around 6am. Ron insisted I call the ship doctor "cause it hurt"...no shyt Sherlock...he hasn't thrown up in about 20 years and he said he felt like he was having a heart attack. Okay, whatever.

I call the medical service. It takes them an hour to get here and Ron and I are abiut ready to eat some breakfast...we are feeling better see. NOPE. You are a nogo at this station. Mounds of paperwork and we are told that we are quarantined for 24 hours. DAMN. No problem. We can do a day. They will refund us for our tour in Mareille. About 10 hours later, another person calls to tell us "oh no...we are sorry but you will be in isolation for 48 hours. BULLSHYT! "We are sory, but if you don't' comply then we will disembark you at the next port. I snapped. You are telling me that I am confined to my stateroom for 48 hours. Yep.

What is relly pissing me off is that they treat you like a leper while in isolation. It took Ron threatening the Purser to get someone to clean our stateroom. It took another threatening phone call to get them to allow us to eat something other than broth. We can't get anybody to speak with us on the phone, let alone come to the room to check us out. They just confine you to your room and leave you there. Screw youm if you are caught outside your staterom, they will throw you off the ship. That guy how spread TB across the world was treated better than we are. It doesn't matter that people come in and out of the room without gloves or masks, touchin shytm if we are SOOO mfn contagious, then why aren't those people quarantined too? Everbody is so mfn worried that we are going to spread some damn disease, but they don't give a rats ass that Paco was just in my room delivering inedible food and taking away trays that we touched. What about the damn nurse that treated us wiithout a mask or gloves...is she quarantined? HELL NO. She's running around the whole damn ship giving out shots that allegedly keep you from throwing up, but is really some kind of knock out juice in a syringe to keep you from leaving your stateroom. After my shot, I was passes out til 4pm. BEEYATCH.

Right now I am going bat freakin crazy. I donajt know how I am supposed to sit inthis room another whole mfn day while everyone is gallivanting around Florence. I just want to scream. Ron doesn't seem to mind at all. This is his kind of frakin vacation. He just sits around sleeping and reading about the port he is SOOO freakin glad he doesn't have to walk around. Not a complaint out of himm I HATE HIM!!!

If I had known that we we going to have 2 days of the cruise flushed down the toilet literally and figuativelly, I would have never called the bastards. I am obviously not that mfn contagious since they got nurses and staff running in and out of here and they don't get thrown in isolation. SCREW EM! The very second this is over, I am out of this cabin and I'm gonna run amok on this ship...touching EVERYTHING.

I feel fine and am not harboring some disaster at sea. Perhaps if they treated us more like passengers and not lepers, I wouldn't be so angry. I hate the entire ship staff, I hate
Ron and his silent indifference, I hate this ship and the way they selectively apply their policy.

I'm gonna drink this champagne that came with breakfast and pass out. Maybe I'll be calmer tomorrow...but I seriously doubt it.

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  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    You obviously forgot and left the cardinal steptoe medical rule at home when you left on vacation. Just to jar your memory again...if you're not bleeding and it's not broken...it can wait. No emergency room, etc. on weekends or holidays!!!!

  2. I am reading this with my mouth WIDE OPEN! OHMYG! I am sooooooooooo sorry!

  3. I am so sorry you are having to go thru this now...that SUCKS!