The Frustration of Leadership

I was asked to become President of the DC/Baltimore Chapter of the National Sales Network almost 2 years ago. The Chapter has made a huge comeback thanks to the dedicated efforts of a few people on the Executive Committee. HOWEVER, every time we have an event coming up I agonize over why people won't RSVP, won't show up, won't participate - WHATEVER. It is so damn frustrating.

We had an incredible Success Experience last month (Men of Valor-Successful Men in Sales) with 3 very powerful, incredibly successful Regional Directors & Vice Presidents and only 25 people showed up. We have over 100 members and a distro list of 500 and I can only get 25 people to come out to hear about the experiences of three successful Black Men. WHAT GIVES?

This weekend (June 16th), we are having a Sales Excellence Academy & Conference Kickoff at Dave & Busters. Daniel Grissom from PhD in Results is coming to do the workshop and then we are hosting a social event to kickoff registration for our National Conference in September. How many RSVP's do you think I have? 15. I'm bout to go crazy! Why - cause I'm bout tired of hearing about how we (Black people) need to network more, we need to invest in our personal development, we need to be more involved but then those same whiners don't show up to nutin. What's a Diva President to do?

Well, I just had to get my frustration off my chest. A lot of work goes into putting together a calendar of events that meets the needs of the chapter AND the needs of our sponsors. Lord have mercy. Get me through the conference without getting an eye tick.

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  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Oh, give it up! I thought I taught you better than that!!! Did you forget the 80/20 rule:

    1. 20 % of the people do 80% of the work.
    2. 20 % of the people cause 80% of the problems.

    Then, there's the 2/98 rule:

    2% do the work, 98 % do the bitching!!

    Why is it that organizations like NOW (National Organization of Women, for those in Loma Linda) with 500,000 members in 550 chapters in 50 states and DC can foment (look that up) so much division, get legislation passed when they do not represent the majority of women? DITTO the gay-rights movement, NARAL (Pro-chice America)and most other organizations with nice initials.

    Why do we have mega concerts to save the people, save the world, cure AIDs, end poverty when it AINT GONNA HAPPEN????

    The answer lies in the song by the late artist JAMES BROWN "I feel good" da dah da dah dah!!!!