Naples & Pompeii

Arrived in Naples today. Our tour to Pompeii was not until the afternoon so Ron went to the gym and I decided to go "exploring" downtown Naples BY MYSELF for a little while. "LUCY, YOU GOT SOME SPLAININ TO DO." Yeah, Yeah. Well, I'm a tad crazy and oblivious to my surrounding on occasion, but I embarked on my expedition.

There were a few heart pounding moments as I tried to cross a street that had cars moving on it like on I95. Just step out there, just be bold. RIGHT. I waited for a native to make the move and ran with them. I make across the main highway and just start walking. I stop at a corner and look around to see if I can see some "shopping" interests. This man walks up to me...OH HELL...and asks me if I speak English - yep -"You looka like you wanna shop" Si. Bueno. You mussa go uppa that way to the dome, eh, Galleria. You finda shoppa there." Grazi, I may and hustle uppa that way to shoppa.

Beautiful atrium style mall, with gorgeous Italian designers and what not. HOWEVER, this mall was not for the thicker girls. I'm looking through these beautiful silk blouses...size 4, 6, 6, 8, 4, 0. On another rack...sm, sm, sm, sm, xsm, sm sm xxsm. Excusi, I say. Do you have a 12 or a Large. It was if I had slapped the woman in the face. No - was her clipped answer. Store after store - the same. I marched my fat ass right outta there. Shoppa uppa that way was no longer fun. I started my trek back to the ship to meet Ron for our tour and stumbled on a shop that sold all variations of Limoncello. HEAVEN on earth. The lady gave me two samples (cream and regular) that she took out of the freezer and it was great. Bought some. Mom get ready to drink & bake.

I make it back to the ship and Ron is like..."You okay?" I asked, "Baby, were you worried?" Ron replies, "Not really, I figured if you didn't come back in time for the tour, you were either chasing your mugger or hit by a bus...and our insurance is current." Thanks Dear.

We went off to Pompeii and it was very Discovery Channel and whatnot. Ron seemed to like it. We did stop at a store that did handmade sandals while you wait. I couldn't resist getting a pair made for my fledgling Diva Cara. She loves shoes at 3 years old and I got her a pair of silver and rhinestone studded sandals, made right before my eyes. She's gonna love em.

Well, off to bed. At sea day tomorrow. Pilates at 8am, Sanctuary from 9-until 2pm. Spa at 2pm. Renewal of Vows at 4:30pm and Formal Night at Sea w/Captains Champagne Party starting at 6pm. WHEW! Big day tomorrow. Girls gotta rest.


  1. Looking forward to my next visit when I have an opportunity to surf and visit. Love the posts on the trip.

    Of course, the local Baltimore stuff is always good for me. I think it's the blogger, not the locale. 8-)

    Travel safely and have a great time. If you can find a minute or three over the next few days I hope you'll stop by to visit me and drop a link in for the Friends of Kilroy Carnival.


  2. I have wanted to try the limencello since the Danny Devito thing...Is it wonderful and lemony??

    Hope you're having a wonderful time.
    Love you