Welcome to the Emerald Princess

We made it aboard! Rumor has it that 200 passengers (I think that number is a little high) didn't make it - I think it was several though - as Ron and I watched from our balcony as a taxi came about 100 miles an hour and dropped a couple right as the ship was pulling up the anchor. They barely made it.

We had a relaxing day of embarkation. Scheduled our spa appointments, signed up for spin and pilates classes, made arrangements for our renewal of vows ceremony and just layed around while the crew tried to upsell you on everything from unlimited soda to private access to the "Sanctuary" and "Thermal Therapy Spa" They got Ron on it all...he doesn't drink so unlimited soda was right up his alley, they had him on the tour of the "Sanctuary" when they told him that no kids under 18 could enter the private pool deck and that when he noticed that they had unlimited shade, and the heated stone therapy chairs had him as soon as his back hit one. SUCKER. Don't get me wrong now, I didn't turn down a thing.

Ron is already in the bed, now that he realized that this is an European Cruise and he would have to walk and stuff.

Time for some relaxation in the cabin. Talk to you from France tomorrow.

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  1. Girl...I love the HELL OUTTA YOU! You inspire me everytime I come here. You're smart, funny, gorgeous and you and your husband are one of the most FABULOUS examples of love on the dang net.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ME SOME YALL! I can't WAIT to see pics! It's been 7 years since I've seen France. LOL!