Renewal of Vows

Wednesday, we were at sea, so it was a very relaxing day. I went to a Pilate's class that turned out to be a lot harder working those core muscles (they are under there somewhere) than I thought it would be. Laid out by the pool and watched a Movie at Sea (Click)...it was amazing how good you could see and hear the movie while getting your black on, and then went to the spa for a seaweed wrap before the main event......

The Renewal of Vows Ceremony
Ron and I got all gussied up and went to the chapel and had a beautiful (yet quick) ceremony recommitting ourselves to each other. Ron called it renewing his contract for another 20 and the terms were tougher this time. He said I wasn't so naive this time and know where all the money is. He is just hilarious....but oh so right. The rest of the evening we felt like movie stars as we walked around the ship. Everybody wanted to talk, take pictures etc. It was a lot of fun and with the girlfriends hanging out the front of the dress (picked by my daughter Erin). I was oogled, whistled at...and several men told Ron that he got a beauty. My Diva Ego (Unique-qua) is good for at least a month. It was a great and romantic evening.


  1. Congratulations! You guys are a beautiful couple!

  2. That was beautiful. Aww, reading your posts about you and your husband makes me believe in love again.

    Congrats on 20 years and beyond the renewal contract.

  3. You both look gorgeous! ( I meant you and Ron, not the girls)...(speaking of them, have you considered that when you get all skinny, you may need a reduction in order to walk??? Just a though.)
    Love you!
    Happy Wedding Day!

  4. CONGRATS! You guys looked so FABULOUS!