The Night Before...

The night before any long trip is always the worst. The day drags on and on and then there is the issue of packing. Packing for a long trip has always been an ordeal and I finally invested in a travel scale to weigh my bags (don't want to really pay $25 cause my bag weighs 51 lbs).

After all of these years of traveling, I still have not mastered the art of packing light. I just don't think it is scientifically possible. How in the world do you only take 2 pairs of shoes on a 12 day cruise. There are outfits & events to consider...2 formal nights, shore excursions, spa days, pool/beach events. Narrowing it down to a few outfits and coordinating shoes (an OF COURSE, the appropriate undergarments - the girls must be appropriately harnessed or somebody could get killed). And then there is the jewelry to consider.

The worst part is the hair and toiletries issues. Since I recently had my hair highlighted, I had to go and get some new HIB (hair I bought...so when a rude person asks you "is that your hair." you can answer, "yes, darling, I have a receipt) cause I just can't be bothered to press and curl every day. HIB is a miracle of modern science and sisters who travel. 15 total days away from home...there is body lotion, wash, hair care, makeup, etc. How to minimize all this down to something that doesn't weigh a ton. DAMN.

Now I am sitting here watching Ron pack. There has to be supervision or I'm not sure what all I would find and we are not (at least he isn't) gonna buy a new wardrobe along the way in the Mediterranean. There are other things we are gonna HAVE to purchase.

Anyway, we leave tomorrow for Barcelona, Spain, which is where the ship will be leaving from. Be sure to check in as there is always bound to be some travel drama/adventures. Friends who have traveled with us before call it "The Bonus Package...The Steptoe Entertainment Package".

Talk soon.


  1. Geez...I feel so BAD for you having all those PACKING issues. I have to go find my hankie now to catch all the TEARS I am shedding on your behalf!!!
    Bon Voyage!

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I'm with you Terri!!!! Poke my eye and make me cry!!! Oh, leave the kids with me and complaint about packing!!!

    Someone needs to do something about Driving Miss Daisy before she kills the g'kids. Via the grapevine, I hear she almost drove into a car yesterday, missed the turn to pick up Charlee and did a double illegal u turn. The kids now have permanent white knuckles.

    I'm also throwing out the kiddie pottie...if the little monster can use the big pottie at school, she can use the big pottie at home. Also out go the nite pull ups...monster refused to go pottie at nite, put her to bed with no undies and sometime in the middle of the nite she peed the bed and got up and put on a pull up. She evil one knows exactly what she is doing!!!!!!!!

    Oh, then, Miss Debbie thought I was going on the zoo trip. Is she ffff out of her mind!!????????? The zoo with 3 year old?????????

    Anyway, so much for my first day in Loma Linda land.

  3. Have a GREAT cruise! Cant wait to see pics!

  4. I JUST bought a travel scale like three weeks ago. One of the smartest things I've ever done. LOL! Now I just add a bag...usually for shoes. LOL!