Happy Father's Day!

[We're] everthing [we] are...Because you loved us!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my knight and my babies daddy! Happy Father's Day. Everytime I hear this song (Because You Loved Me) it makes me think of Ron. Not only is he a great husband, but an awesome "PopPop" too. Especially since most of the kids he is raising as his own aren't his, but my sisters. He not only brought two of my sisters kids into his house, he adopted them - gave them his name - and raises them as his own flesh and blood. WOW! I just sit in awe sometimes, watching him 15 years after raising the oldest girl, playing with the youngest (3yr old). We are currently in a battle over pooping on the potty. Ron sat in Cara's room while she sat on her "royal throne" for almost an hour. His patience was rewarded with the requisite poop IN the potty (not our pants). He is definitly in the "Real Father's, Real Men" category.

I love him bunches and hope he has a wonderful "PopPop" day. We are waiting for him to get back from sitting outside since 8am this morning watching Jordan play in a lacrosse tournament. Got some ribs and chicken on the barbie and a tall cold glass of Hawaiian Punch (he doesn't drink) waiting on him.

Hope all my blog friends & family are having a great Father's Day too!

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  1. Looks like you did a good job picking your guy. And who says there are no good guys out there!