I Don't Negotiate

I am sitting here in the food court at Columbia Mall enjoying the hell outta my Chop Chop Pita while Cara knocks off a Happy Meal (and no I am not contibuting to childhood obesity as we have a fruit cup instaed of fries and milk instead of soda.)

In the midst of mother daughter bonding, a group of 8 kids and 2 women come over to our section after doing a build a bear party. It has taken the better part of 15 minutes to ask, cojole, and negotiate with 8 kids on what they want to eat. It is a freakin party. Sit your butts down, use your inside voice and wait till I bring you all what I feel like feeding you. If you don't like it - STARVE. I aint negotiating with a bunch of kids on nothing. I don't even negotiate with my own. Here's what ya got, like it or don't, your options are slim.

Half got happy meals, a few got chick filet, the rest pizza... Well we have a pouter...they don't like their choice. Humph. - wouldn't even pay none of that sniveling no mind.


The TravelDiva
Lisa Steptoe