I Might Be Toast

Bread Toasts, originally uploaded by FrancoisRoche.

Tomorrow I find out if I am officially toast at my current company. My money is on my whole division (13 of us) will be getting our walking papers tomorrow.

You know what's funny. I'm not all that broke up about it. It will be nice to have the summer off and to not have to fret anymore about what we are supposed to get accomplished in this newly created position...a concept that, while awesome on paper, did not really have the support of the company (not really) nor the resources to accomplish the vision. We were referred to once by a SVP as a "theoretical experiment." We will see tomorow what the consensus is on this "experiement".

I have already pulled out my "round2it" list, now that I might have time to actually get to it.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Toast ain't half bad - cut it up, throw it in a salad and you have croutons! I'm wishing you the best.