Street Beggars

Do you give money to people who hold up signs saying "Will work for food" or shaking a cup? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I don't know what spurs me to give or not give and to be perfectly honest, I'm not downtowm much so I don't give it a whole lot fo thought.

Today, I ran out of the house rushing cause I was running behind meeting a former co-worker for lunch. I grabbed my purse and got to steppin'. It wasn't until I was trying to pay for my parking, that I realized that I had left my wallet in my gym bag. NO MONEY. NO ID. I call Ron and he is on his way to rescue this damsel in distress. I find a seat outside a restaurant to wait for my man and this guy walks up to me, shakes my hand, sits down in the other chair and proceeds to tell me his life story - which was just sad and pathetic.

He tries to make small talk - I hide behind my Mau.I Ji.ms clutching my bag. Finally he leans in and says, "Can you loan me .80 cents, I really need to get something to drink." Oh no he didn't. I looked at him over top of my glasses and told him that I didn't have my wallet and my husband would be here any minute to get me.

....And then he shocked the hell otta me. He ppromptly stood up and cursed me out. Told me I should know better as a woman to not leave my stuff at home, called me a beyatch and stormed off. My mouth is still hanging open. Da Hell!?

I wish Ron would hurry up so I could get back to the country.

The TravelDiva

Lisa Steptoe


  1. I told you the city was dangerous!!!

    How was your lunch date after all the drama?

  2. WTH? Are you serious? He was crazy. I mean REALLY disturbed. Because only someone with serious mental problems would behave that way.

    FYI - Posted pics of the Portugal trip on CITC!

  3. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I would probably only give money to someone really old or a woman with children. DMV area bums are high falutin...One in Bethesda asked for money for food. I offered him a left over slice of pizza...his response? "Pizza! ew, I get that all the time!

  4. This is funny! I read the post the day you wrote it and laughed...then yesterday as I was coming back out of the gas station, this extremely haggard man raced me to the pump and tried to pump my gas. I was in a hurry and low on cash, so I told him, "NO thanks, I got it!" He proceeded to GO OFF on me! Telling me how ungrateful I was and how he was just trying to help...What the?? He was trippin so bad. Before I left, I told him to Be well...and he mumbled some other junk under his breath. Too funny!