Usual Suspects & Lurkers BBQ

I hosted a BBQ yesterday with the Usual Suspects and some Lurkers and did we have the mixology going on or what. We started with Pama Margarita's, moved on to Side Cars, made (by special request) Bellini's, and then a couple of Hpnotic concoctions.

We put the men folk (Ron & Shawn - the only two males at this event) on the grill and did up some burgers, hotdogs and sausages. Sissy showed up just in time with some homemade potato salad. Later, she went looking for her container. What container? Oooooooh this one in the back of my refrigerator. You want this back? Ummmm, okay but it's gonna be a little light.

We never did get around to playing horseshoes, but we did have great eats, great convo, great drinks and great fun all around....topped off by a dollop of Mango Rita's care of CreoleInDC. YUMMY.

We missed all of those who didn't make it. Look forward to seeing you next time.


  1. Did someone say potato salad? Now I want some more! Humph!

    Okay...that Cara...DOLLFACE, DOLLFACE, DOLLFACE! Me lovey her! That Ron? I LIKE THAT RON!

    Your entire family was just as lovely as I imagined. Thank you sooooo much for a great time!



  2. Anonymous8:21 AM

    STUPID BLOGGER!!! It won't let me sign in :-(

    ANYWAY.... thanks for having us out at "Southfork" LOL, that's where I tell people I was! I had a blast.

    Luv that Ron!!! eventhough he used growing up Black and Mediterrean in the same sentence. :-)

    Can't wait to hang out again with y'all ax murders, lurkers, imaginary friends, colored-late-empty handed, and fairy princesses with the WAND. LOVED IT!


  3. Big fun at the Steptoe's and nobody got shanked or tased! LOL