It Will Be Alright

The sun coming up over the lake was beautiful on my run. Closing my eyes, taking in the morning air, tyring to control my breathing. It's going to be a blessed day.

Finally starting to feel like I can breath. Stress going down, blessing all around. Its goint to be a blessed weekend.

Ut oh. A hiccup in my happiness. A little business sanfu-well may a big snag. Blood pressure starts to rise. What are we gonna do now. He'll handle it, he says. How? I reply. And I start to cry. But life has to go on right.

I have to keep moving forward. So I start setting up deck and lawn furniture, and I cry.

I clean the kitchen, and I cry.

I finish the laundry, and I cry.

I take a shower, and let the tears run down my face into the drain.

I go to a meeting and gather myself in the car, cause I gotta contine movin foward. Back in the car, and I cry.

It WILL be alright. I know it will. I have faith, but today I just wasn't so strong and impervious to the hiccups of the journey we are on and I cried.
I weeped and then I prayed. It will be alright. I believe and have faith.

The extra bonus is that in 25 years, Ron has never failed to keep his word.

Today was hard, that rough exterior cracked and I cried, but it will be alright.
The TravelDiva
Lisa Steptoe


  1. You chose the perfect title for this post "It will be alright". Even though we know this sometimes we just need to have a good CRY!!

    Keep your head up, and have a blast at the BBQ!

  2. Let the tears flow. Sometimes a good old ugly cry will make you feel better.

    I too, have faith that it will be alright. Smooches!

  3. Sorry I'm just seeing this. Let's put it this way. Had I not read this today I would have never known you were feeling some kinda way. Why? Because you are GLOWING. You are radiant and beautiful and the love I see from and for your family is very, VERY apparent.

    It will be alright Princess. I promise.



  4. Oh, honey....
    I'm sorry.Can we help? We're already praying for you!
    Love you guys so much...

  5. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Ironically I read this just as we had a "hiccup" as well....and I just held on to the post. It gave me a little motivation to just keep holding tight cause he'd take care of it. And he did.....thanks for writing it. You helped me out and didn't even know it. :)