Field Trip

I went with Cara and her class on a field trip yesterday. This is the first field trip that I have ever been on with Cara. It was really cool to spend time with Cara (even the other kids were on their best behavior), but it was CENTER OF THE SUN HOT out there on that dang farm. Lord, yes.

Cara ranted and raved about seeing the animals on the bus ride over, but when she got there...OH HELL TO THE NAW...she wasn't touchin, feedin, or barely lookin at no animal. You would have thought we had touched her with a hot poker for the way she screamed trying to get away from those animals. She did managed to pull it together to ride the pony. Whew. I thought some drama was gonna go down for real.

After the field trip, Cara and I went to the mall and had lunch, stopped at the Disney Store and went home to ride on our new bike. She's got it good.

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  1. LOL I love it - Cara is such a baby Diva! The pictures are adorable. Uh you sure that pony ain't dead?