The Truth

I recently participated in a post question on a friends blog asking for 3 Truths and a Lie. I love this game...it allows me to reminise about some of the fun and interesting things that I have done in my life. Everytime I've played this, whether at a work function or at a party - everyone always guess which one of mine is the lie.

I put down that the following:

1. I won a New York State Powerlifting Championship - TRUTH
I was on the powerlifting team at West Point and won the 1984 New York State Powerlifting Championship for my wieght class.

2. I participated in a Reebok National Aerobics Championship - TRUTH
I was on the Army demonstartion team and we participated in the Reebock National Aerobics Championship in Chicago.

I KNOW I don't hear laughing, do I. I will shank somebody.

3. I've run a marathon - TRUTH
I ran (and have the certificate from the United States Marine Corps to prove it) Marine Corps Marathon. The certificate reads: "This is to certify that Lisa L. Bembry, Runner Number 10746 successfully completed the Marine Corps Marathon at the olymic distance of 26 miles 385 yards, Washington, DC 2 November 1986 finishing 7547 of 7913 in a time of 5:19:07." Shut up. I finished the dang thing and I didn't come in last. I didn't put back on running shoes for 3 months after that and never ran anything longer than 13 miles since.

4. I compete in Ballroom Dance Competitions - FALSE
I do not compete in Ballroom Dance Competitions although I would like to. My dance partner isn't having any part of it. He is willing to take lessons and cut a rug with me every now and then when we go out. I have been informed that I need to find me another dance partner. I haven't been motivated to do that. A good partner is hard to find.

It was enough that our dance instructor got Ron to dance with me in a showcase at the dance studio. We were the only people that did not dance with their instructors. Check out the video. Ron is actually rather good.
Dance Showcase:

I'd love to hear some of your Truths & a Lie and see if I can guess correctly.

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  1. Hu.
    I didn't know Ron didn't dance anymore. Too bad! You all look sooooo good together!

    So, how many projects have you completed the last week or so??hmmmmm?