AKA Heaven

It all started with a call from Sissy to meet her and 1969 for brunch down in DC. Well, it turned into 8 hours of pure fun and glee.

I was late to brunch (Cara's hair, hitting every stoplight, and finding a place to park) and only had about 15 minuetes with 1969 and her crew, but it was a pleasure to finally meet her. When you read someone's blog all the time, you feel like you already know people and it was just that way...falling right into an easy rapport with my online friends. I wish we could have spent more time together but she had to catch the "Bolt Bus" to NY to hang with CreoleInDC & EricaB (who, by the way, are having WAY too much fun without me).

Well, I stayed with Sissy, ordered a sandwich and some mimosa's, and waited for her friend Erica to arrive from Chicago. That's when the outta control fun happend. Erica decided we needed to get some "gear" since we were not appropiately decked out in our Pink and Green like almost every other woman in DC at the moment. We hopped in Sissy's car and proceeded down to the convention center to check out the vendor section and scoop up some goodies...and no...neither Erica nor myself were "registered". UhHuh - we are slackers.

We found parking and walked over to the convention center and I was immediately overwhelmed with the how many beautiful women there were in one place. There had to be thousands of AKA's - a sea of pink and green everywhere. There wasn't a place in the city that we did not go yesterday, that we did not run across a soror. From Georgetown to the MCI center to Bethesda and beyond - Soror's. The convention center alone was unbelieveable. Of course, I don't go anywhere without a camera in tow, and immediately pulled my camera out of my bag and started snapping pictures.

I was in AKA Heaven. I even called my Big Sister & BFF - Pattey - to make sure that I got her something from the trade booths. I was sent on a mission for a tote bag and I think I found the perfect one for her to take to the numerous sporting events she has to attend with her son. Cara is posing with it. We headed to the trade booths and didn't realize that it was like a 2mile walk to a whole other section of the center - GIRRRRLLL - my dogs were killing me by time we were done and I ended up buying some AKA ballet slippers to make it back to the car - which I will now be able to rollup and carry in my purse for those moments when the heels just ain't gonna do anymore.

Now, we did see some significant hilarity, irony and more....
- How are you gonna be selling AKA shower caps and nail files when you have neither hair nor nails. No personal testimony there. Hmmmmm.

- The man with the hat on his head that was like 5x too small...but he was seriously sporting it.

- The metal AKA purses - downright unattractive to me, but useful as a weapon. This lady walks up as Sissy, Erica and I are turning up our noses at the purses (yeah, yeah - purse snobs - Hotmess) and says how much she "loooooves" them. I was like - "Uh, not so much, soror, don't do it." She says, "Really, you don't like em. I think they are darling." Sissy turns her back, I think I heard a snort and Erica is weighing one in her hands like she is ready to throw it at someone. I say, "Humph, they a hot mess, but you can really do some damage to someone with one of these babies." The lady asks the price. $175. Sucking in her breath...."They just became ugly." We ROARED!

- The lady with the bodyshaper booth. You wanna talk about testimonials. She had pictures of her half nekked with her belly rolls all out before putting on this industrial shaper on and pictures after. It was SOOOOO dramatic the difference, that Erica and I were standing there actually contemplating a purchase. This woman went in to try one on and the before and after was like DAAAAAAAMN. Might have to go back for a fitting.

There was probably more, but I was so busy shopping, running into friends I hadn't seen in a while, and just in awe.

The three of us went to Z.an.ga's after our shopping, Erica almost passing out from hypoglycemia. We go some sustiance in her and a mojito or two, finishing off the day with great food with great friends.

What a great day!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast too!

  2. So much fun. I wish I could have stayed and hung out longer. We did the paraphanalie the day before and we did the Kappa Party after. Then I hightailed it to NYC.

    There is no coffee srong enough today. LOL I am struggling. With my old azz....

    Love you TravelDiva. And yes, those purses were atrocious. If you go back today, get me the "Got Pearls" t-shirt!!!! :)

  3. I had a blast hanging out with you ladies. It's taken me a week to recover enough to comment!