Come On In for Hors d'oeuvres & Cocktails at the Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner Carnival

Welcome to the Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner Carnival

Whether you're enjoying hors d'oeuvers & a drink first or coming by for a night cap, I'm sure you'll enjoy this portion of our dinner. Thanks to the four great hosts who have also participated on Soup To Nuts Progressive Dinner and to everyone who entered posts. Make sure you get your fill at these other courses....

Let's start this whole journey through blog land with a Thought for Today, And Tomorrow. And then take a look at some beautiful Artistic Photography. You might even get some ideas at A Photographer's Eye.

Staking a claim in the universe known as The Blogosphere allows us to create our own little world. That becomes evident when as you explore. You happen upon abandoned settlements, you find interesting sites to which you want to return and land in places you can't leave fast enough. At The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (things found in The Blogosphere) you'll discover a hodgepodge of items including treasures, trash and everything in between.

Do you ever just sit and look out the window to admire the view, the sunset, the dawn? Well, you can do just that except you can look out the window around the world. Visit What I See Out of My Window - bringing the world together, one window at a time

Let me just tell you that, here at Stories of a Traveling Diva, I serve (and eat) MEAT & Veggies. While I don't have a problem, per se, with vegetarian dishes and have a few recipies, I don't have any vegetarian or vegan items in my house to eat (unless you want a piece of fruit or some carrot sticks). Thus if you are planning on stopping by, you better warn me before you show up if you are a sans meat & dairy person or ya gonna go hungry. OR you can find your own recipie at VegOfTheWeek and bring your own *cough, cough* yummy dish of Vegan Cheese Balls to share.

Are you wasting your International Sales Potential? Find out from an International Sales Specialist how to maximize your potential. Are you seeking information on starting your own business or buying one? At Profitable you'll find some tips and information that might be helpful in your quest. Visit Make Money from Home Secrets to get some tips on how to make money in a home based business.

I didn't have the faintest idea who any of the musicians discussed in this review, but if you read Rolling Stones, you might have an interest in some Random Thoughts on Music

Are your pets like family? Are you traveling with them this summer? Then you might want to take a gander at this checklist for caring for your pets during the hot days of summer. What about that dog hair on your carpet and floors? Visit Terrier Lover to find out the best vacumes for pet hair.

While this TravelDiva has been a few places in her life, I have not been to Branson, Missouri and probably never will (not really my thing). However, if you are so inclined and want to find out everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask kinda stuff about Branson and get your travel plans together, then Branson Travel Attractions is where it's at.

Are you looking for ideas you can implement into your site to gain visitors to your site? Then visit the Pajama Mommy for a few ideas.

Do you have any interest in being a Banquet Manager? Well, then visit Soooo, you want to be a Banquest Manager and hear someone tell the truth about what it's REALLY like in [that] crazy profession.

Need some self-help? Visit the Tao of Simplicity for some words of wisdom. Maybe Today is the Day for a little personal development and you need a place to get started on your growth journey. There is also Change Therapy - making lives better, making better lives. For you gardeners out there, you might be able to glean some lessons from the garden at Herbal Connections Tomato Island

Finances a little tight? Wants some tips? Then visit My Simple Trading System for his thoughts on simplicity and trading, passive income, finance, business, and marketing. With the economy the way it is now, you need to pay attention to your finances and Focus on Your Networth.

Are you a teacher or working on becoming one? Then check out these reflections on being a teacher and perhaps through support of each other, students can receive a better education.

Nobody listening to you at work. People not following your instructions. You might get a kick out of this little rant on The Lost Art of Following Instructions.

Car enthusiast? Have a corvette fetish? Anthony does at Life & Times

Are you from Ohio? Stay informed about what's happening in North Canton at the North Canton Beat. What about Stark County? Read up on local happenings at Stark County, Ohio News & Views.

Applying for a job can be an ardous experience. How about being the hiring manager? You get to see a lot of resumes that have some crazy stuff on them. Check out these Funny Resume Stories so you will know what to avoid when putting your resume together.

There are a lot of mommy blogs out there but Savvy Daddy is the blog just for guys that shares the joy of fatherhood and digs into the fun complexity of being a dad with perspectives, stories, and bottom-line reporting on the issues dads care about.

Like political sites? Mad Kanes Political Madness mocks the GOP 24/7.

Whether we write just for the fun of it, cause you have to since you have a blog or a professional writer, you can always improve your skills. Check out Mixed Metephor for some interesting reading & writing....and since I had no idea how to categorize or even descirbe this entry -the humor escaped me all together - maybe you can figure out what is so funny at The Ominous Comma - as self-described author (of his own blog) with dubious witty humor.

And that ends the Hors d'oeurvres & Cocktails Course. In case you ate & drank too much here, I'll leave with with a tip on getting rid of cellulite at How to Lose Weight Fast. I do hope you will take time to visit the other courses on your exploration of blogland.


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Thanks for including my fictional short story, "Hide and Seek," at Mixed Metaphor.net.

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Truly a feast for the eyes and mind. Thanks for including my small nutritional dish.

    Kim Greenblatt

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Great stuff Travel Diva! Great post, interesting information! I hope my Dessert course even comes close!

    Kimberly Edwards :)

  4. i got all mixed up and started with with appetizers. good think you have something to drink here!

    thanks so much for having us over.

  5. Thanks for including my entry - and run out and find yourself some Warren Zevon!

  6. For someone who wants my Fontanini, you best give some attention to Branson, MO 'cause that's where it all started!! What, you have a problem with all the blue hair at Branson??? You got somethin against Andy Williams singing (lip synch) to Moon River????

  7. My dearest diva, thank you for including me in your lovely carnival.

    I will be the first to admit that my work is not for everyone, but I do want to be clear about one thing: I never engage in dubious humor.

    I am more of a Michael MacDonald fan.

  8. Anonymous11:16 PM

    From one demanding banquet manager to one demanding banquet attendee, thanks for not only hosting this carnival but for commenting on my blog So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager. All the best to you.