Perfectly Princess Tea Party

On the 4th of July, Cara and I got gussied up and went over to the Grand Floridian Hotel to meet Sleeping Beauty at the Perfectly Princess Tea Party. Cara can be so brutally honest sometimes (from the mouths of babes)..."You're not Cindarella" -and promptly burst into tears. It's just not so attractive to be wearing a beautiful gown and a tiara, while bawling your eyes out - but then again - it was her party.

What a wonderful start to our Tea Party. She recovered as soon as she saw the doll that she got at the Party. I knew all was well when she tried to cut off her dolls hair with the butter knife. I just take a deep breath, exhale and remind her of the horrors of cutting off hair (remember the Easter weekend ponytail fiasco).

She ate one peanut butter and jelly heart sandwich, a couple of grapes and drank all of her Apple Juice "Tea" - she got a real kick out of pouring it herself. Princess Aurora (aka - Sleeping Beauty) managed to coax a few smiles and a few words out of Cara long enough for a picture.

Diva in Training lessons can be a challenge, but are well worth it.